Porsche 904




6 Cyl., Factory.
1964 : 1000 km Paris - Herbert Linge/Gerhard Mitter DNF. 1965 : Targa Florio - Umberto Maglioli/Herbert Linge 3 OA 2 cl. 1965 : 1000 Km Nürburgring Umberto Maglioli/Herbert Linge 5 OA. 3 cl. 1965 : 24 Hours Le Mans - Herbert Linge/Peter Nöcker 4 OA.1 cl. 1966 : Targa Florio - Vincenzo Arena/Antonio Pucci / I Gerhard Mitter / D Jo Bonnier / S Hans Herrmann / D Dieter Glemser DNS. 1966 : Upgraded with 6 cylinders with leather interior.

1964 : 1000 km Paris Linge/Mitter DNF. 1965 : Targa Florio - Maglioli/Linge 3 OA. 1965 : 1000 Km Nürburgring - Maglioli/Linge 5 OA 2cl. 24 Hours Le Mans - Nocker/Linge 4 OA 1cl . 1966 : Targa Florio practice car.
24/10/1966 : Sold to Deiter Eberhardt without engine. 1/12/1967 : Sold to Schneider. 29/9/1999 : STPO.



Built in 1963, this car was originally used by the factory as a prototype for testing. Subsequently, it was housed in the factory museum.

In 1965, it was prepared as a road car for eventual sale to a private customer. For this purpose, it was fitted with a newly available 160 DIN HP, 2.0 L, 6-cylinder type 901 motor.

In addition, like 904-001 and 904-003, it was rather exotically trimmed with a leather interior. The dash, door panels, sills, seats and the shift-linkage tunnel were all finished with this material. The dash pod was of a unique design, containing three gauges : a speedometer with mileage counters, a tachometer in the center and a three-in-one unit measuring oil pressure, oil temperature, and fuel level. And, though not unique, it was also fitted with a Webasto gas heater. Unlike the production 904s, 904-002 was fitted with 6 X 15" forged alloys and 185/70 tires. To accommodate wider wheels, the rear fenders were slightly enlarged.

Painted light blue, it was sold to a Dr. Schubart of Germany. In the early 1970's, it made its way to Mexico City, where it was owned for a short time by Victor Hugo O'Farrel. Mr. O'Farrel traded the car to Bill Jones of San Antonio, Texas, who cleaned up the car and installed VW door handles.
By the mid 1970's, Jones sold 904-002 to Bob Davidson of Santa Rosa, California. Mr. Davidson showed the car at PCA events and kept it in pristine condition until it was sold to another Californian in the 1978. The car now regularly appears at Southern California car meets. 2002 : USA.

2003 : Mail From a previous owner : I owned 904002 from 74 to 78. Joe Rusz published an article and photos in Porsche Sport 1976/77. I could photo you a copy if you don't have it. 904002 was one of three test cars and was never sold as a new car. Instead it was shoved in a corner until Dr. Schubart, a Porsche factory exec had it prepared for his personal street use. The factory dropped a new 1967 911S motor in it. Dr. Schubart later sold the car to the Porsche VW regional importer Bill Reynolds(?) in San Antonio Texas. Bill imported the car via Mexico, and registered it in Texas. I bought it from Bill for $15,000 (the highest price anyone had heard of to date) and then drove it direct to an auto cross Santa Rosa CA and competed. On the way, in West Texas, we blew the doors off a Cadillac Coupe de Ville (that damn Caddy did an honest 125 MPH). I got her airborne several times on the humpy road between Barstow and Bakersfield (no air dam). The way you know your airborne in a 904 is when the tack red-lines (no drag on the rear wheels). I registered the car in California...license plate: IXOIV. We actively campaigned the car for 4 years in PCA events including, autocross, concourse and rally. Took second place in the unlimited class at the 78 Parade (lost to a 908 but beat the 935 that just returned from Le Mans. Generally took 4th in the concourses. I also ran her at "Cannonball speeds" from Santa Cruz, CA to the Aspen Parade in 78. 1060 miles in 12 hours 45 minutes...83 MPH average speed. On a new freeway in Colorado, I was able to hold her at 165 MPH for ver an hour. At the time, I believed I had more road time behind the wheel of a 904 than anyone else in the world. I can't remember who I sold her to in 78 but the price was $28,000--I needed the dough to start my business. The buyer claimed to own another 904 at the time...one that the factory actually raced. Oh, and he lived "across the street from Roger Penske". 904002 was the cover car for the Porsche sales brochure, but instead of velour interior, the factory did the interior up in a special blue leather. It was kind of "rolled and tucked" a la Tijuana. The paint scheme is the same as 904001 that is in the factory museum, only its a baby blue over midnight blue.

1964 : Porsche Werke - 1966 : Michael Weber of Offenbach - 1968 : Berny Barns, US Air Force MAjor, Pirmasens - 1970 : Harro Schneider - 1979 Herren Löhr & Becker - 1987 : Dr Tang of Bonn - 1999 : Lara Resende, Brazil.

Being factory car N° 906-002, this was the second of very few original, factory built 904s fitted with the new 901 type 6 cylinder engine of a 2 liter displacement.
As a factory car, in December 1964 it underwent a testing program in Monza, where several solex carburetor tests were conducted with H. Linge, against 906 001, fitted with Weber carburetors.
Tire tests were also conducted.

Michael Weber, the next owner, a hillclimb driver, is featured in an article in Autosport magazine, dated Sept. 24, 1965 as having won a round of the european Hillclimb Championship in Gaisberg, Austria, with a 904 GTS.
in 1980 FIA papers declare that the car was used for historic racing. Dr Tang participated in several historic racing events, such as the 1985, 1986 & 1988 “Oltimer Grand Prix”.
André Lara Resende competed in the April 1999 “Tour Auto” historic rally in France (competition category).

2002 : restored, Le Mans classic.

Restoration : Body work was exceptionally original, with evidence of only a nose clip having been replaced at some time. Rust in the stamped steel chassis was minimal, and the basic structure was very straight. The fiberglass was redone only as necessary to clean up years of racing wear and tear. The car was finished in dark green. A modern roll cage of chrome molybdenum steel was buit and installed for safety. The fender flares were removed, bringing the car to its original factory specification bodywork. The upholstery was redone in original type blue german cloth. Mechanically, everything was inspected, cleaned and rebuilt where applicable, and the original open megaphone-exhausts re-installed for racing.

Factory Prototype.
904-003 was used for journalist joy rides at Solitude and was tested by Car & Driver in 1964.
It was first delivered to Robert Hess in the US. It was delivered and used as a road car.
The third of three testing prototypes, 904-003 was used by the Factory as a development car. The most obvious aesthetic differences between this car and production 904s are the air grills that appear on the rear bodywork instead of scoops. Also, the door contours are squared off. Finally, the oil cooler opening lacks the brake cooling ducts and fog lights that were to be found on production models.
The interior sports a unique, two-spoke steering wheel that is set higher and at a sharper angle than the production cars. Like 904-002 it has leather trim. In addition, 904-003 was delivered with a 4-Cylinder, 4-Cam motor.
904-003 eventually found its way to Guatemala. It was acquired in the late 1980's, subsequent to its owners death by G & W Motorwerks of Waynesboro, Virginia. It is still owned by G & W and has been for sale since the mid-1990s.

Sold to Robert Hess, sold to Schwartzmann. 2000 : for sale USA .

Spyder - destroyed
Sold to Mary. USA destroyed. 2002 : rumours says that a replica car is in construction in Belgium in the same body shop as 904 016.
1965 : Hill Climb Freiburg - Gerhard Mitter 2 OA . 1965 : Hill Climb Ollon Villars - Gerhard Mitter DNS. Spyder. 1966 : 12 Hours Sebring with Kolb, DNF.

Owners : Charlie Kolb. Steve Beizer. 1974 Gerry Sutterfield, Burt Norris. 1978 Joe Pendergast, Mickey Sims, Bill Bradley England. 1987 Gerry Sutterfield, Robert Hendrickson, Ron Finger. 1998 : Leonard, sold to Tom Claridge. 2002 : Sold to England. Sold to Viessman in Germany.





Originally a Factory race car, it was driven to the following results in 1964:

- April 26th, Davis & Pucci, 1st - Targa Florio;
- May 17th, wore #41, Jurgen Barth, 5th - Spa 500 Km;
904-005 then received the latest Factory upgrades, including the larger rear air intakes, for the 1965 season. In 1965, it achieved the following results:
- March 27, wore #40, Gunther Klass & Lake Underwood, 5th - Sebring;
- May 9, Gerhard Koch & Antonio Pucci, 5th - Targa Florio;
- May 23, Gerhard Koch & Ben Pon, 25th - Nurburgring 1000 KM;
Herbert Mueller then used 904-005, as a Factory entry, in the 1965 European Hillclimb Championship. He achieved the following results:
- June 6, 4th - Mont Ventoux - Müller;
- June 12, 2nd - Rossfeld;

- July 25, 4th - Cesana Sestriere;
- August 8, DNF - Freiburg Schaunisland;
- August 29, 4th - Ollon-Villars;
904-005 was then shipped to the US in early 1966, where it achieved the following results :
- February 5, 1966, Gerhard Mitter & Joe Buzzetta, 7th - Daytona 24 Hours;
- March 26, 1996, Dieter Glemser & Udo Schutz, DNF - Sebring 12 Hours;
Through its office in Teaneck, New Jersey, the car was then sold to American.
Kent Morgan of Arcadia, California, acquired 904-005 in the 1970's.
He sold it in the 1980's to acquire and restore 906-157.
In the mid-1990's the car reappeared for sale through Dale Miller.

Subsequently, and almost 30 years after he raced the car at Daytona in 1966, Joe Buzzetta, of St. James, New York, acquired 904-005. Since, Mr. Buzzetta has acquired a 906 that he also raced, a 910, a 907, and a 908/02. 904-005 has made a number of appearances at vintage races in the US, including the 1998 Monterey Historic Races.


Prototype crash test. Sold to Dramm, 911 engine, 2200cc. Sold to Morgan. 1972 : for sale 12500 $. 1991 : Valerio.




Originally a Factory race car, it was driven to the following results:
- April 26th, 1964, wore #84, Gianni Balzarini & Herbert Linge, 2nd - Targa Florio;
- May 31st, 1964, Gerhard Mitter & Herbert Linge, 12th - Nurburgring 1000 KM;
- June 20th, 1964, wore #31, Gerhard Koch & Heinz Schiller, 10th - Le Mans 24 Hours;
- September, 1964, Weber/Müller DNF - Tour de France;
- 1965, wore #150, Eugen Bohringer, 2nd - Monte Carlo Rally;
Perhaps the most evocative photographs of any 904 are those of 904-006 running in the snow during the 1965 Monte Carlo Rally. Its 2nd place finish has to be considered one of the highlights of 904 racing history.
In early 1966, 904-006 was sold through Fa. Gauser & Co. KG in Austria to Robert Berenz.
From Austria, the car was imported by Dan O'Longhlin, to his residence in Burbank, California. From him, the car passed to Dirk Layer of San Diego. At that time Mr. Layer was considering the daunting task of rebuilding and restored the burnt 904-038. Instead, he sold 904-038 and focused on 904-006. In 1995, Mr. Layer decided to put the car up for sale and it appeared in few magazines.
It was acquired thereafter by Scott Gauthier. A young jewellery designer and manufacturer from Scottsdale, Arizona, Mr. Gauthier has since acquired a collection of the most beautiful racing cars, including a 550 Spyder, a 1600 GTL Abarth Berlinetta, a 906, an Alfa TZ 1, and a Fantuzzi-bodied Maserati 150 S. All are in stunning condition and appear regularly at vintage events and, particularly, the Gauthier Classic, an event that Scott Gauthier organizes and that is run around the time of the Auction in Arizona.

In the late 1990's, 904-006 found its way Stan Gold with the help of Mark Leonard, in some sort of an exchange for his 1600 GTL Abarth Berlinetta, # 1005. Mr. Gold, who has hosted Porsche gatherings at his home in Beverly Hills, is an avid enthusiast who uses and shares his beautifully kept Porsche racing cars, including a 550, a Carrera GT Speedster, and a 910.
At the 2001 inaugural running of the Gauthier Classic, 904-006 was crashed in a road accident. Since, the car has been completely repaired in Florida. 2002 : Le Mans Classic. 2003 sold to England.

Factory test car for new aerodinamics without side air scoop
Sold to Vassel Polak who raced it with Minter (see race results), sold to Will, sold to Hayes. 2002 : Sold to Leonard.
2002 STPO.



Originally delivered to Louis Anfossi in Paris, France. He quickly sold the car to a gentleman racer from Perpignan, France, named Lavain. “1877 AE 74”, the car was very badly crashed and, essentially, written off.
The remains of the car were sold in the 1980's to Bernard Comte.
Registration was used by Tourroul to race another 904. in the TDF 1969.

Spyder. 1965 : Targa Florio - Colin Davis/Gerhard Mitter 2 OA 1 cl. 1965 : 1000 Km Nürburgring - Gerhard Mitter/Colin Davis/Jo Bonnier/Jochen Rindt DNS. 1965 : Hill Climb Rossfeld Gerhard Mitter 1 OA.1 cl. 1965 : sold to Hamilton. 1966 : Australian racing car. Chassis replaced with a new unit from the factory. 1967 : 1 OA in Victorian and South Australian Sports Cars Championships, 2 OA in Australian Sports Cars Championships and Autralian Hill Climb Championships and 3 OA in 12 Hours Surfer’s Paradise. 1968 : 1000 Km Nürburgring. 1971 : 1 OA. Australian Hill Climb Championships. Sold to Pat Burke. 1984 : sold to Hamilton again. Engine 2300 cc. 1985 : auction, sold. 1986 : Melbourne auction, sold 1989 London Auction. 1990 Melbourne : Auction. 1991 : Monaco Auction. Sold by Fantasy Junction to Jubst.
3 Cars exist with same numbers. 2001: First in England

NB : races results confusion between 906007 and 906008

The car was owned by Aln Hamilton who in 1965 was working at the Porsche Factory. Hamilton purchased the Kangaroo which came second in the 1965 targa Florio driven by Mitter/Davis. This car had chassis nr. 906 007. Hamilton had the factory remove the eight cylinder engine and replace it with a 6 cylinder because it would have been very difficult to mantain the 8 cylinder for him in Australia where he is living. Hamilton imported the car in Australia in 1965 under under a custom document called "section 162" (temprary import) which allowed him not to pay duty and sales taxes. The car was raced successfully by him towards 1966. At the end of 1966 Hamilton ordered from the factory a new updated chassis complete with suspension brakes, and body. The new car had no chassis number and Hamilton transferred chassis 007 to the new car as well as the original motor gearbox and other technical components. As said by Hamilton, the old chassis did in a legal sense no more exist. By the end of 1967 the car had to be exported, because, the custom paper were expiring and the taxes had to be paid. Hamilton sold the car to Richard Wong in Singapore who had a lot of fun with the car before getting in jail. It is as this time that Teddy Yip got involved into the car, which he shared with Dr Henry Lee of Singapore. Mr Lee, died passed away and his wife decided to sell the car.The car travel for UK


904/8 008

Originally a Factory race car 8 cylinders, it was driven to the following results : 1964, wore # 186, Barth/Maglioli 6th-Targa Florio ; 1964, #127 1000 km Nürburgring Barth DNF accident. Also Le Mans 1964, Sebring 1965, Le Mans 1965.

For 1965, it was upgraded with the latest factory modifications. At that time it received the larger air intakes on the rear bodywork. Subsequent to its racing career, 904-008 was retired and sat, unused, until it was sold in mid-1966 to King Hussein of Jordan. The King, a notable sportsman, actually raced the car and added to the car's successes. He ran 904-008 on at least two occasions and obtained the following results : October 10th, 1966, 1 OA Rumman Hillclimb ; May 12th, 1967, 1 OA Rumman Hillclimb;

It appears that the car was retired from competition in 1967 and was parked and forgotten in the King's garages. In 1975, 904-008 was apparently given to Porsche for its museum. In exchange, the factory gave King Hussein a new car for his personnal use.

1964 Targa Florio Edgar Barth /Umberto Maglioli 6 OA .1964 1000 KM Nurburgring Colin Davis / Edgar Barth DNF. 1964 24 Hours Le Mans .Colin Davis /Gerhard Mitter DNF .1965 12 Hours Sebring Gerhard Mitter /Herbert Linge 9 OA .1 cl . 1965 1000 KM Nurburgring Gerhard Mitter /Colin Davis 9 OA .1965 24 Hours Le Mans Colin Davis / Gerhard Mitter DNF



904/8 009



8 Cylinders - 1964 : 1000 Km Nürburgring - Jo Bonnier/Richie Ginther 5 OA . 1964 : 24 Hours Le Mans - Edgar Barth/Herbert Linge DNF. 1964 : 12 Hours Reims - Edgar Barth /Colin Davis DNF. 1964 : 1000 km de Paris - Edgar Barth /Colin Davis 3 OA 1 cl.
1965 : Targa Florio - Bonnier/ Hill 4 OA 3 cl. 1965 : 1000 Km Nürburgring - Jo Bonnier /Jochen Rindt 3 OA 1 cl. 1965 : sold to Capriles. Venezuela. 1995 : rumours says that Feustel has built a replica using this number with the help of Heinz Heinrich USA who said that he bought this car in South America. New body/chassis. 2002 : Le Mans classic with a 6 cylinders, DNF, accident.


1964 1000 KM Nurburgring Jo Bonnier / Richie Ginther 5 OA .1964 24 Hours Le Mans Edgar Barth / Herbert Linge DNF. 1964 12 Hours Reims Edgar Barth /Colin Davis DNF .1964 1000 km de Paris Edgar Barth /Colin Davis 3 OA .1 cl

1965 Targa Florio Jo Bonnier /Graham Hill / GB DNS - Colin Davis / GB DNS - Gerhard Mitter .4 OA .3 cl. 1965 1000 KM Nurburgring Jo Bonnier /Jochen Rindt 3 OA .1 cl . 1965 24 Hours Le Mans Dieter Glemser / Günther Klass / D Peter Nöcker / D Gerhard Koch DNS

904 010 Sold to Germany. Completly destroyed. 1968 : the damaged parts were bought by Kurek and in 1988 Kurek built a complete new car using new chassis and body made by himself. The construction of the car was finished in 1993 where it was sold to Heinrich USA but the car was picked up in Munich and brought to Feustel’s office where it was sold to a new german owner. It was supplied with a fake American title even though the car had never been in USA !




This, the first customer 904, was first delivered to Otto Zipper's Precision Motor Cars in Los Angeles. As a Precision Motors or Zipper entry, it was raced extensively and likely was the car used to obtain the following results in 1964:
- March 21st, wore #36, Ritchie Ginther & Ronnie Bucknum, DNF - Sebring 12 Hours;
- April 26th, wore #33, driven by Scooter Patrick, 3rd OA - Riverside USRRC GT;
- May 3rd, wore #33, driven by Scooter Patrick, 5th OA - Laguna Seca USRRC GT;
The car was then sold to an amateur racer, also from the Los Angeles area. He sold the car to Roger Pitts of Dana Point, California. By the late 1960's 904-011 had suffered the indignity of being equipped with a Chevrolet Corvair motor and, generally, becoming a tired old racecar.
In 1971, 904-011 found its way to Calgary, Alberta, in the hands of Norbert Glimpel for $4800. Though offered the disassembled 4-Cam, Mr. Glimpel chose instead to acquire the car with the Corvair motor, that he would soon replace with a solex-carbureted 911 motor. In addition, he would adapt 904-011 to the Northern climate by installing a gas heater. Mr. Glimpel used the car for ice-racing in the winter of 1971 and then run in hillclimbs and road races in the summer.
From Glimpel, 904-011 was sold to Californian Floyd Shannon, who had run an ad looking for a 904 in 1972. Norbert remembers getting about $5500 for the car. It then found its way to Don Orosco, a real estate developer from Fresno, California. This would be one of many racing Porsches that Mr. Orosco would come to own. He offered the car for sale in the late 1970's for $45,000, proving that by that time 904's were already in fairly great demand and, no longer relatively cheap. By comparison, a 911 would sell for about $10,000 in 1972, whereas in 1978 an SC would sell for about $20,000. Around 1978 904-011 was acquired by Syd Baker, of Bellevue, Washington. With it, he acquired two 4-Cam motors (one, newly rebuilt by Jim Wellington, would replace Cordell Bahn's recently expired motor in 904-069) and a 911 motor (that would be traded for a new crankshaft for the other 4-Cam).
In the late 1970's Syd undertook a complete restoration of the car that would last five years. Though the body was not removed from the chassis, the chassis had been carefully checked for rust and the bond between the body and the chassis was also carefully inspected. The undertaking was completely documented in hundreds of photos. Remarkably, Syd undertook much of the work himself.

A trained aeronautical aerodynamics specialist, Syd has a remarkable eye for detail and took enormous care in restoring the car with utmost accuracy. He made a mold to fabricate a new dash that was the source for numerous other dashes that have appeared for sale through Heinz Heinrichs and Warren Eads. In addition, he went to great lengths to reproduce the blotchy blue painted finish of the interior fiberglass, at a time when few knew that Porsche had supplied the cars this way.

Norbert Glimpel, for one, saw it at the Monterey Historic Races in 1983 and did not recognize 904-011! In a letter to Syd, he remarked that, "the work done on it is simply unbelievable." Subsequently, Syd showed it at Porsche Concours events and ran it in a variety of vintage races in the Pacific Northwest, enjoying the car immensely.

In October of 2002, Syd and I met in Kingston, Ontario of all places. There, he spent an afternoon with me, generously offering the use of his huge collection of photographs, documenting the restoration of 904-011. This incredibly modest and talented man must be remembered as a pivotal figure in the 904 world. His restoration was, dare I say, seminal; authentic at a time when there was little in the way of references for authenticity.

In 1986, 904-011 followed the tide of 904's that were crossing the Pacific to Japan, being sold to a collector for $ 80,000. It was purchased for a Museum, where it stayed until about 2000. From Japan, it has recently returned to the US, though we have yet been able to confirm to whom.

Werkes Car : 1965-1968 - After being built in 1965, 906-011 first served as a ‘werkes’ car. Its most notable use was at the Le Mans trials in April 1965 (#33 driven by Linge-Mitter-Buchet).
Factory records do not reflect any other race entries. Porsche continued to own the car until it was sold in 1968 to Vasek Polak, a Los Angeles-based Porsche dealer active in racing.
According to Dieter Inzenhofer, mechanic for Vasek Polak and crew chief of the car in 1970-71, Polak bought just the chassis. Dieter then found suspension parts and an engine. In order to run in SCCA’s A-Production class, a 4-cylinder engine was put in the car. Dieter also claims to have changed the chassis plate to one with a "904" prefix (Dieter recalls 904 011) from "906" in order to avoid hassles with SCCA about whether the car had to run in the proto-type SCCA class.
Ordinary tube-frame 906’s had to run as proto-types because so few were made. 906-011 was just a late-run 904 chassis with a 6-cylinder engine. SCCA Career : 1969 - 1971 - 906-011 was sold to Mr. Brent Doell and Mr. Gerry Gregory. Each owned 50%, and Gregory drove the car under the "Doell-Gregory Racing" banner. Around July 1969, Gregory sold his share to Jim Cook, and Cook took over as driver. Initially, the car’s color scheme was silver with three relatively narrow red(?) racing stripes. However, after hitting a Corvette and catching fire at Sears Point (Sept. 1970?), the car was painted an unusual shade of yellow for a brief period.

In 1970, Jim Cook bought out Doell’s interest and continued to race the car. At this time, Cook had the car painted black with red stripes. Since the shop maintaining the car was doing a poor job, the car was not finishing races. Cook then arranged to have Vasek Polak’s shop maintain the car and sponsor it. And, the color scheme returned to silver (without any racing stripes). Dieter Inzenhofer, a mechanic for Polak, became the crew chief.

The car was campaigned successfully through 1971 in West Coast (SCCA, A-Production) races. A partial record of the car’s SCCA race history has been established primarily with the help of photos kept by Sandy Cook (Jim Cook’s widow). It follows : 1969 Doell-Gregory/Cook Sil/red stripes 2 - Riverside Doell-Gregory/Cook Sil/red stripes 2 - Feb70 Riverside Cook/Cook Blk/red stripes 2 - Aug70 Willow Springs Cook/Cook Blk/red stripes 2 - Sep70 Sears Pt Cook/Cook Silver - 1970 Laguna Seca Cook-VPolak/Cook Silver 12 - Aug71 Kent, WA Cook-VPolak/Cook Silver 2 1st AP - 1971 Vacaville, CA Cook-VPolak/Cook Silver 20 3rd AP - 1971 CSCC-SCCA /Cook 2nd AP - Nov 71 Road Atlanta Nat Cook-VPolak/Cook Silver 12. - 1972 : The car stopped being campaigned because it was no longer competitive and was moved to the showroom of Polak’s car dealership for several years. When it was sold and to whom, is unknown at this time. 1980 to 1985 - In 1980, Jamey Mazotta, a well-known west coast vintage racer, found the car through an ad. He bought it from a man in Washington State. It was fitted with a 4-cylinder, 4-cam engine and original wheels. Then, because his brother wanted to participate in vintage races with him, Jamey sold the car at his cost to Joey Mazotta of San Diego, California. After a brief period of racing, the car’s engine needed work and was sent to a shop for repair. When a year went by and the engine work was still incomplete, Joey was convinced to sell the car. Jamey arranged the sale to Jeff Lewis of Newport Beach, California in 1985.

1985 to 1999 - Lewis had the car meticulously restored to participate in vintage racing, including re-installing a correct 6-cylinder (901) engine. During this restoration, the incorrectness of the chassis plate surfaced. It did not jibe with the car’s "906" features: large air scoops behind the side windows, center of the hood fuel filler, center/interior rear-hood latch, short side doors, side windows that raise/lower, etc. After proper research confirmed the correctness of the 906-011 identification, a new chassis plate was attached. The car debuted at the 1987 Monterey Historics and subsequently ran in over 25 vintage events through 1999 with Lewis as driver. Kevin Ryan (Ryan Racing Restoration, Costa Mesa, CA) maintained the car during most of Lewis’s ownership. 1999 to Present - In November 1999, Dean Meiling purchased the car from Lewis through Dale Miller of Miller Historic Motor Cars. Ryan Racing Restoration (relocated to Plain City, OH in 2002) still services the car, which continues to be vintage raced.

In 2000, the engine was rebuilt and new CV joints were fitted to the rear half-shafts for safety. In 2001, the lower front edge of the car was re-done in its original shape (protruding lower lip) using moulds from the sister car (906-012; Porsche built 904 chassis in pairs). Also, new exhaust headers and megaphones were installed to enhance the car’s performance particularly at lower RPMs. As of 16 September 2002.




This, the second customer 904, was first delivered to Steve Earle, through Otto Zipper's Precision Motor Cars in Los Angeles. Now the organizer of the Monterey Historic Races, it does not appear that Mr. Earle raced the car.

From him, it passed to fellow Californian, Steve Berg. Mr. Berg, a racing benefactor of sorts, ostensibly acquired the car to be raced by young and talented aspiring California racers. At least in its early events, it appeared with Precision Motor Car colors. Under his ownership, it was raced extensively and likely was the car used to obtain the following results:

- April 26th, 1964, wore #32, Kurt Neumann, 8th OA - Riverside USRRC GT;
- May 3rd, 1964, wore #32, Kurt Neumann, 7th OA - Laguna Seca USRRC GT;
- June, 1964, wore #32, Kurt Neumann, 3rd OA - Willow Springs SCCA Divisional;
- September 19th, 1964, wore #37, Skip Scott, 2nd OA - Bridgehampton Double 500;
- October 10th, 1964, wore #32, Kurt Neumann ? - Riverside 3 Hour Enduro;
- May 2nd, 1965, wore #32, Kurt Neumann, DNF - Riverside USRRC GT;
- May 9th, 1965, wore # 32, Kurt Neumann, 5th OA - Laguna Seca USRRC GT;
- October 31st, 1965, wore #49, Denny Harrison, ? - LA Times GP at Riverside;

From Berg, the car then passed to Robert Redford, the actor. How he used the car is, unfortunately, not known.

Likely from Redford, 904-012 was then sold to Ray Stewart, then of Long Beach, California. Stewart had the car for sale in the late 1970's for $ 35,000.
Presumably from Stewart, Jim Tidwell of San Diego, California acquired 904-012 in 1979. He apparently owned the car until 1982, when it passed to Nelson Rath.

In 1989, 904-012 was acquired by a Belgian collector. At that time, it appears that the car did not have a motor and was missing various other parts. For him the car was restored in Belgium, where it was fitted with a 2.0 Liter 911 motor and was painted British Racing Green. With the registration CXX-689, it appeared at an International 356 Meet in the 1990's. It remains in Belgium as of the writing of this book.

1965 : 1000 Km Nürburgring - Peter Nöcker/Günther Klass 6 OA. 1965 : 24 Hours Le Mans - Günther Klass/Dieter Glemser DNF. 1966 : sold to Drolsom for 4000 $ without engine (see 904 013). 1967 : Sold to Covert USA. Destroyed in racing (Elkhart Lake) was send back to factory who replace the chassis. but now with 4 cams engine to Vern Covert. Driven back to California by road. Modified to T Top car with two removable panels and fitted with 906 engine turbo charged. 2001 : sold to Asia. Accident in Tour Auto 2002, repaired by S.H.K in Germany. Sold to England.

Sold to Robert Hagestadt USA. sold to George Drolsom who raced it and the car was. destroyed at 1965 Midowdale Chicago. Drolsom contacted the factory and for 4 000 $ Porsche agreed to repair the car without seen it ! The car was send to Germany and then Porsche refused to repair the car as it was too much damaged. Instead for the same amount of money, the factory sold 906 012 without engine. M. Drolsom received back from the factory all the good remaining parts of 904 013 even the aluminium chassis plate as a trophy. 1967 : Kurek bought some damaged parts and built a complete new car. The construction of the car was finished in 1970 and was road registered as a Porsche Kurek. (We saw the registration papers from 1970 to 1983). 2003: sold for 135 000 euros to M. Reis.
Originally sold to Frank Rand, who quickly turned the car over to Harry Heuer of Chicago, Illinois. Mr Heuer, of the brewing "Heuers", had apparently acquired the car.

Shortly thereafter, 904-014 was sold to another brewing heir, Eddie Weschler of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but was not raced. A few months later, it was sold to Jacques Duval, the enthusiastic and talented Porsche privateer from Montreal Canada.

Mr. Duval, who worked as a radio personality, had raced Porsches in Quebec since 1960. Starting with a 356 roadster in 1960, he had obtained a Lightweight 356 Coupe for '61, '62 and '63, and a 1600 GTL Abarth Coupe (chassis # 1004) for 1964.

Acquired in the winter of 1965 for the sum of $7500, Duval drove 904-014 home from Milwaukee. To deal with snow, he mounted VW wheels with snow tires that he obtained along the way. Though remembered by many a racer for having a pretty girl by his side, his true talent (for a racer, anyway) was his ability to obtain sponsorship. During his ownership, the car was painted yellow to complement his Mr. Muffler (a Quebec exhaust repair chain) sponsorship, then blue (Porsche Club of Canada color) and, finally, red to go with his G. Lebeau (a body repair shop) logos.

In 1965, Duval and 904-014 won its class in the Quebec Championship. This series comprised 12 events held, predominantly, at Mt. Tremblant, a beautiful and challenging racetrack near Ste. Jovite, about 70 miles north of Montreal. The following details some of the results obtained by Duval during 1965 and 1966:

- May, 1965, 6th-Pepsi Cola Trophy (Tremblant);
- 1965, 13th-Mosport GP, #58;
- 1965, with Horst Kroll, 3rd-Sundown 4 Hr GP (Tremblant);
- 1966, with Horst Kroll, 2nd in class-Sebring 12 Hrs, #56;
- 1966, 2nd-Player's 200 (Tremblant);

Near the end of the 1966 season, 904-014 was sold to Victor Herman Haus, also from Montreal. At his first outing, the ACAM 6 Hrs, held at Tremblant on October 17, 1966, he rolled the car shortly after the start of the race.
From Mr. Haus, the car made its way to Rainer Brezinka and to Mr. Campbell of Vancouver.
Tony Campbell raced it in 1968 and 1969. In '69 racing season, Tony finished 3d in the Northern Pacific Division/SCCA point standings
It was then sold to Dick Barbour, the 935 racer and Porsche collector. And from him it passed to a Mr. Harming and then to Paul Harmatuk. Tony Singer & Jay Rosenfield from New York acquired 904-014 and had it restored.
From Singer, in 1975, the car passed to Tim Kuser of Bordentown, New Jersey

Factory. sold to Wester, sold to Bishoff who advertised it for sale in 1969, sold to Randel USA. Car was destroyed and a replica bought from Germany exists in Belgium, the owner was asking in 2001 to buy 904 papers and finally got a funny title from Heinrich USA. Car was put together in Brussels and the owner refused to show me his replica. (I had a lot of correspondence in 2001 during wich he asked if it was possible to buy papers for the car).
Sold to Brandage, sold to Cassel, sold to Neumann. Destroyed in fire. 2002 : rumours says that a car is in construction in Belgium using the original chassis of 904 073 and small parts of the original body. The body shop who built the car agreed to let me see the car but when the owner found out that I was coming about the book he refused to let me see it.
Sold to Hansen raced by Wester, sold to Clay, sold to Randle, sold to Bishoff, sold to Wester. 1971 : poor condition, sold to T& M Motors. Sold to Gildred who was ambassador to Argentina under Pdt Reagan. 2001 : Silver USA.
Originally delivered to Herb Wetanson of New York. A fast-food restaurant pioneer, Mr. Wetanson is now an enthusiastic vintage racer and owns an RS 60, s/n 718061, amongst other racing exotics. Unfortunately, Wetanson was unhappy with the car's weight, a bloated 1750 lbs. As a result, he returned 904-018 to Porsche of America.
From Porsche of America, the car was sold to Briggs Cunningham, the well-known Le Mans entrant, car manufacturer, yachtsman, and all-round sportsman, who was nearing the end of his racing career in 1964.
With Lake Underwood, Mr. Cunningham finished 9th at the 1964 Sebring 12 Hrs (number 37). Then in 1965, Cunningham shared the car with John Fitch and Bill Bencker to finish 20th at Sebring (number 44). And finally, in 1966, with John Fitch and Dave Jordan the car failed to finish, again, at Sebring (number 47).
Subsequent to racing at Sebring in 1966, it appears that 904-018 was retired and later reappeared as an exhibit at Briggs Cunningham's museum in Costa Mesa, California.
In the early 1980's Mr. Cunningham's extensive collection of racecars was sold to Miles Collier of Naples, Florida. Son of post-war US racing pioneer and close friend to Briggs Cunningham, Miles Collier, it has been suggested by Forbes magazine, gained control of his family's vast Florida real estate fortune on a coin toss!
His collection of sports racing cars is among the best in the world and, was, for a time open to the public. 904-018 has been kept roughly as "last-raced" and sits next 904-046 (at least when I last saw it in the 80's).
Originally sold to Carel Godin de Beaufort, the well-known racer from the Netherlands.

It came to the US for the 1964 12 Hours of Sebring and after was sold to Bruce Nole. From Nole, it passed to Charles Austin and after to Chuck Stoddard, who has owned the car for about thirty years. Mr. Stoddard, who raced an Alfa TZ1 at Sebring against 904s in 1964, went on to build one of the stalwarts of the Porsche restoration parts businesses, which was later sold to the Porsche factory.

904-019 remains as one of the most original, little-used 904s extant. It has lived out its casual retirement in Ohio next a 550 RS A, a long-tail 907 and a mighty 917.

“37 GK 03” Sold to Ligier. 1964 : 500 Km Spa - Guy Ligier 17 OA. 1964 : sold to Chevillon who raced it in France. 1965 : Mont Ventoux Chevillon 4 cl. 1967 : Mont Ventoux Chevillon. “763 GW 26” “121 JE 26”
Sold to Buchet "821 FK 86". 1964 : Rallye Bordeaux - Buchet/Delavalle 1 OA. 24 Hours le Mans (see chassis 904-106 ). Rallye Lorraine - Buchet/Gauvin 2 OA. Rallye Limousin - Buchet/Valadas 2 OA . Hill Climb Andelys 2 OA. Hill Climb Chamrousse 3 OA. Tour Corse - Buchet/Wuetherich DNF. 1965 : Rallye Routes du Nord - Buchet/Wuetherich DNF. Rallye Limousin - Buchet/Valadas 2 OA. Rallye Ouest - Buchet/Valadas 1 OA. Rallye Lorraine - Buchet/Coolen 5 OA. Rallye Bordeaux - Buchet/Coolen 1 OA. 12 Hours Reims - Robert Buchet/Guy Ligier 10 OA.4 cl. 1965 : 24 Hours Le Mans - Ben Pon/Robert Buchet DNF. 1965 : Coupes Alpes - Buchet/Marbaque DNF accident destroyed. Cote Bayonne, Basque Buchet 1 OA (new car with same chassis number). Rallye Automne, Buchet/Barthe 1 OA.
1966 : Routes Nord, Buchet/Ferrand 1 OA. Rallye Limousin - Buchet/Ferrand 6 OA . Rallye la Baule, Buchet/Barthe 1 OA. Sold to Pigeaux "8859 TC 75". 1968 : sold to Collector "8385 GW 78". 1971 : sold to Balsa "8173 Y 94". 1983 : STPO with 6 cylinders 2700 cc France.
Sold to Switzerland, Schiller. Look also 904 039 and 904 069.

Originally delivered to Ben Pon and his Dutch Racing Team. Ben Pon himself, has indicated that the car was used as follows:
- 1964, driven by Ben Pon, 8th OA - Spa 500 KM;
- 1964, driven by Rob Slotemaker, DNF (the car suffered a very bad crash and was essentially destroyed) - Nurburgring Sprint Race;
Subsequent to the crash at the Nurburgring, 904-023 was returned to the Factory and rebuilt. It then achieved the following results:
- 1965, driven by Rob Slotemaker, DNF - Spa 500 KM;
- June 5, 1965, ran at the Player's 200 at Mosport;
At some point the motors from 904-023 and 904-055, the other Dutch Racing team 904, were exchanged. Subsequent to the 1965 season, the car was freshened and sold.It was acquired in 1966 by Fraser Grant of Concord, California, directly from Ben Pon in 1970, he advertised the car for sale in "excellent condition", at the price of $ 6500.

From Grant, 904-023 was sold to Bill Jackson of Denver, Colorado. Mr. Jackson put together a serious Porsche collection in the 1970's and early 1980's, including a 1600 GTL Abarth and a couple of RSRs. Subsequent to his death, his collection was sold to a dealer in California named Mr. Milo. 904-023 was still for sale in mid 2002. It is currently painted orange, the Dutch Racing Team's color.2005 For Sale by Bernardi Germany ( this one claims that it was 055 who was crash in 1964, I propose to Bernarbi to justify his comments but he refuse !)

Originally delivered to Tage Hansen of Lexington, Mass. for General Motors. GM kept the car until 1971 for use in its development of the Corvette. The car was sold in 1971 to Marvin Wienman of Rhode Island. Though unverified, and possibly urban legend, the story goes that Mr. Wienman could not find reverse and pretty much gave up on the car after only eight months. He sold the car to Bill Steen of Shreveport, Louisiana. Mr. Steen was 904-024's third owner and kept her for close to thirty years. At the end of his ownership the car had fewer than 9000 miles.

1976, Magazine of Bob Rassa : “This particular car has a very interesting history, having been sold to GM by the Porsche factory in July of 1964 for experimental evaluation. GM styling boss Bill Mitchell used the car as his personnal vehicle for a while, having had numerous “improvements” made such as restyled surrounds, engine grill, new seats, new safety glass windshield and backlight, and winshield garnish molding, among the most prominent. In 1968, the car passed to one or two private owners and finally came to rest at Stoddartd Imported Car showrooms in 1974. Bill Stee, an eye surgeon from Shreveport Louisiana, bought the car from Stoddard’s in October 1974 and immediatly began an “as new” restoration. Of course, all the GM improvements had to go, but this was the least of the problems. Rust had attacked the subframe in several places and Bill rebuilt the frame with a steel plate after which he rustproofed the entire frame The wiring harness, dashboard, seats and pedal assembly were completly replaced with parts either made or scavenged. Making new parts is just about as difficult as scavenging old ones. The blue velour seats were bought in England and were removed from a 904 which have been wrecked. Bill purchased a second 904 026 from an owner in Hawaï and this car supplied a new pedal assembly. Chuck Stoddard just happened to have a new beily pan and the new dashboard was fabricated by hand over a specialy made moid. New weather striping for the doors was also fabricated and that isn’t the easiest thing to do. Arrangements were made with a rubber manufacturer to have a special die made, and a thousand feet or so of rubber weatherstripping was extruded, matching the original.”

Through an intermediary, 904-024 has found its way to Pablo Picasso's son, Claude Ruiz-Picasso, in France. Mr. Ruiz-Picasso has had the car prepared for racing and has entered it in a number of European events. It was shown at Bagatelle in 2000 and ran in the Tour Auto in 2001. 904-024 now shares a garage with a 550, a 906 and a 910.

Sold to Stirling Moss. 1964 : 1000 Km Nürburgring - David Hobbs /Lloyd Casner 9 OA. Sold to Schneider. 1972 : sold to Gratama Holland sold to Lohr und Becker. Sold to dealer, sold to Streve Mulhens. 1990 : Auction Paris. Owned by Klaus Werner. Restored 2001. 2002 : For sale in UK. During its life car was destroyed and rebuilt.

Originally delivered to Fritz Leineweber in Germany. This car has been recorded as having been raced by Michael Weber in hillclimbs. Sold to Jurgen Gauser.
The car was then sold to John Robbins of Omaha, Nebraska.
In 1973 sold by Cruz, it passed to Flavio Espino, a Venezuelan, who ran the car in Venezuela and in SCCA races in Florida, where it apparently suffered crash damage to its rear end. By this time it had been fitted with motor number 99 099.
In this condition, it was sold to Jim Way, who brought the car to his home in Hawaii. From Way, 904-026 was acquired by Bill Steen for parts to restore 904-024. It appears that, at least, the pedal assembly was removed for 904-024.
The car then resurfaced in the mid 1980's in the hands of Nick Soprano of Motor Classic Corp, of White Plains, New York. It was apparently complete and restored at that time. Soprano advertised the car for sale in 1986. Raymond Perroud of Genolier, Switzerland purchased 904-026 from Soprano in 1986. Mr. Perroud currently owns the car.

Sold to Ludwig Blendl. May have been sold to Redolfi for racing in Italy with Barbuscia. (see 1967 1000 km Monza). Sold to Venezuela. Marcottuli raced it with a 6 cylinders engine.
Sold to Koch who raced it and sold to Ising who raced it also. 1966 : Sold to USA Vasek Polak. Sold to Kirk White, Jerry Craft, sold to Kuhn, sold to Will, sold to Alexander Pollock. 2001 : Color White/Black.
Sold to Weber. Hill Climb - Rossfeld Michel Weber 6 OA 1 cl. Hill Climb - Freiburg Michel Weber DNS. Sold to Bartels and sold to USA to Leonard Schenkel. Sold to Chandler USA
Sold to Brockhaus. 1964 : Hill Climb Rossfeld - Werner Brockhaus 11 OA. 1964 : Hill Climb Freiburg - Werner Brockhaus 10 OA. 1965 : Hill Climb Freiburg - Werner Brockhaus 9 OA.Sold to France to Bernard Halter who sold it to Dominique Thiry who raced it in rallyes, the car was seized by the french custom because the taxes had not been paid. 2003 Marcel Petitjean told me that the chassis plate between 904030 and 904041 had been changed and that the real 904041 is today 904030.
Originally delivered to German, Dr. Josef Ruby. Under his ownership, the car was used sparingly but does have the following history:

- May 31st, 1964, with Greger, was entered but did not start the Nurburgring 1000 KM;
- May 8th, 1965, 5th - Nurburgring GT 2.5 L race;

Eventually, it found its way to Japan and, is likely now, the 904 displayed at the Shikoku Museum.

Sold to Lehmann who raced it a lot. Sold to Werlich. Sold to Moser. Germany.

Sold to Walter. 1964 : 500 Km Spa Heini Walter 18 OA . Hill Climb - Rossfeld Heini Walter 8 OA 2 cl. 1964 : Hill Climb - Freiburg Heini Walter 6 OA 2 cl.Hill Climb - Sierra Montagna Heini Walter 12 OA . 1964 : Hill Climb Turkheim 3 Epis, Walter DNF big accident. After this accident Walter bought “904 105”. Sold to Clement who raced it. “842 BE 05”. 1967 sold to Rampal. 1971 : Color white/orange. "980 FT 55" Sold to USA to Akly. 2001 : France. Car was completely dismanteld for duplicate the 904 047. “842 BE 05” “4108 CX 13”.



Sold to Muller Engine 912. Destroyed in road accident. Sold to Crossland, sold to Jurgensen, sold to Buras, sold to Walter. 1999 : Quai Lodge Auction.

904/8 - 034
1964 500 Km Spa, Herbert Müller 14 OA 4 cl.
Hill Climb - Sierra Montagna Herbert Müller 2 OA 1 cl.

Warning : a second car exists.

Michelin test car given to the museum of Le Mans. Suspension Hydraulic Citroën DS. 2002 : Le Mans museum.

Sold to Eugster
1964 : 3 Hours Monza Hansueli Eugstler 5 OA . Sold to Gildo de Guidi who raced it in Italy, sold to Laubscher Von Arx Switzerland.
Schutz raced in 1964. At the Nürburgring August 2, 1964 .The car ended upside down in the trees. Rebuilt at the factory.

By September of 1964, the factory was making the 904’s with a different "glass" for the body and had changed several of the body and mechanical components. This chassis had large oil lines and fittings. The original engine, transmission, dash components and other components were utilized in the rebuilding of the car and the original tail. This early tail section had the small air vents on the sides. Raced for part of 1965 by Mr. Schutz.

1966 Mr. Rudi Lins raced the car in hill climb events and other events. Mr. Lins was a Porsche Austria - 1967 Sold Mr. Frank Werner USA. The car was in perfect condition with silver color. The title transfer was in the name of Udo Schutz, not Mr. Lins. Werner raced at Elkhart Lake in Wisconsin in the "June Sprints" and other races the car was in his garage and in August of 1969, a young Mr. Rullman walking past sees the car and inquires if it is for sale. Not for sale, but Rullman says in effect ‘anything

is for sale at the right price". Mr. Frank offers the car then for a high price. Mr. Rullman says he’ll be back later with his mother or grandmother and checkbook. A few hours later, the sale was consummated.
Mr. Rullman drives the car, on the street and some racing, for some time and something broke in the transmission. This was repaired and then he started hearing a strange noise in the engine. About that time, Henry Payne of Charleston, West Virginia, offered an engine for sale from his 904 (ex Lee Sturtivant, ex Archie Walker, and was the yellow car driven by Bill Wensthoff at the June Sprints in 1964). Henry Payne had converted to a 2.5 Liter 911S engine as covered in an article in "Christophorous Magazine" several years back.

Mr. Rullman purchased the engine from Mr. Payne and had it installed in #904036. He became disenchanted with the car and offered it for sale. During Mr. Rullman’s ownership, the car fell into some state of disrepair. The car was painted orange color and, did a horrible job. there was overspray everywhere !
The car with the spare engine was sold to Mr. Jerry Hudson of Wichita, Kansas in 1969. Mr. Hudson drove the car from the Chicago area to Wichita. The car was raced in the Kansas area until the second engine suffered a failed rod bearing. The original engine was never rebuilt and sat in storage.

Mr. Hudson decided to restore the car and so began disassembly of the chassis beginning with the rear. This never proceeded past the disassembly stage. Sold to Dr. Gary Quast of Omaha, Nebraska in 1973 in a disassembled condition. The only assembly done was to reassemble the rear suspension so that the car could be rolled onto a trailer. The two engines had been disassembled and were unsorted and contained in multiple boxes.

Dr. Quast placed the car in storage. Since Dr. Quast’s garage space at home was limited, he prevailed on his neighbor to store the 904 in the horse barn. It occupied a small corner and hay bales were placed around it to protect it.
Over the next few years, the parts that were missing or in need of replacement were purchased. Parts that were in need of restoration were completed and then placed in storage. Bodywork was done and the original engine was completely assembled with new parts and placed in the car. The engine work was done by Vern Covert and Kurt Kiebler. The car was partially assembled in 1978 and the engine was "run in" and tuned. This was done by Grady Clay in Denver. The assembly was not completed at that time and the car was placed back in a controlled environment for storage. Later, the Restoration by Paul Willison USA

The project was approximately 18 months and all work was done at the Willison Werkstatt. have a light blue with orange stripes characteristic of the Gulf cars of that era. These colors were discovered during the restoration process.
The car was sold in 1998 but never picked up by the new owner. A 6-cylinder engine and a fuel cell has been installed.

Owner : USA, Bobby Rahal



Sold to Michel, Sold to Osterfedt Germany - 1964 : 500 Km Spa, Gerhard Osterfeldt DNF. Sold to Schutz and sold again to Abels. 1965 : 1000 Km Nürburgring Manfred Abels/Günther Selbach 14 OA 2 cl.

The 904-037 was in 1965 bought from Germany by "Svenska BP", Swedish BP and they had Gunnar "Persbergarn" Carlsson to drive the car in Swedish events. 1966 Gustav Dieden bought the car from BP but without engine. Dieden put in different engines, a 911 engine and even a Carrera 6 engine was fitted in it at one time. From 1979 the car was owned by the Porsche dealer in Karlstad, Sweden, Lasse Jönsson and the car was racing last year at Nürburgring, Old Timer Grand Prix. It now has a four cylinder engine.


This car may have been sold originally in the US. Unfortunately, little of its early history is known. Early on, though, it returned to Europe in the hands of a dealer, a Mr. Gramling from Karlsruhe. At that time, it was apparently modified for road use.

Still in the 1960's, 904-038 made its way to South Africa, the only 904 to have done so. There, it was acquired by David Cohen, a well-known diamond specialist and car collector, who has since moved on to Vancouver, where he keeps an immaculate '38 Alfa 8C 2900B Touring Berlinetta, a 550 RS A, and various other exotica. He raced 904-038 in South Africa in the late 1960's and 1970's.

In a bizarre twist, the car was badly damaged by a firebomb while on display at a shopping mall in Johannesburg in the 1980's. In this burned condition, race-worn, and showing approximately 63000 km, the car was acquired by Dirk Layer of San Diego in 1987/8. He had it shipped to California. On seeing the car, and the extent of the damage, Layer chose to sell the car and, instead, restore 904-006.

From Layer, the car passed to Dr. Barney Gardner of Palo Alto, California in 1988. Thereafter, it became the subject of a lengthy and intensely accurate restoration by Cavaglieri Restorations of Sherman Oaks, California, the story of which was fully recounted in Excellence's February, 1995 issue. It won Best of show at the 1994 Hillsborough Concours, won the Honorary Judge's Choice Award at the 1995 Porsche Cub of America Annual Meet, and has run at the Monterey Historic Races.

More recently, it has been acquired by Ranson Webster of Reno, Nevada and joins one of the finest collections of Porsches in the world. Many of his Porsches, including 904-

Originally sold through Heinz Schiller in Genf, Switzerland. To the best of our knowledge, 904-039 was racing in France and in Germany.

It was acquired by Gene Dodd of Indianapolis, Indiana in the late 1960's. Dodd was an active and well-known PCA member in the 1960's. He would later race a 906 in SCCA events. During his ownership, 904-039 appeared on the cover of an early 1970's issue of Panorama. Dodd advertised the car for sale in 1971, asking $ 8000.

As a result of the ad, Dodd sold the car to David Redszus of Lake Forest, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. At one time, Mr. Redszus was a serious IMSA racer, having run at Sebring in the early 1980's. Though 904-039 is not currently fully assembled, it is still owned by David Redszus. Unfortunately, we were unable to obtain a photo of the car for the book.

Sold to Dernier. Hill Climb Laroche - Samre "Eldé" 1 OA. 1964 : 500 Km Spa Eldé. 1964 : 1000 Km Nürburgring - "Eldé"/André Pilette DNF. 1964 : Hill Climb Ste Cécile - Herbeumont 2 OA. 1964 : Hill Climb Citadelle de Namur - "Eldé" 2 OA. 1965 : 500 Km Spa - "Eldé" 10 OA 2 cl. Sold to Verdoedt. Sold to Hoffman, Germany. 2001 : under restoration with complete new body.

Originally delivered to well-known Parisien privateer, Jean Kerguen.
Having raced, among others, a Zagato-bodied Aston Martin DB4GT, Mr. Kerguen was a seasoned and quite respectively fast gentleman racer. With 904-041, he obtained the following results:

- June 20th, 1964, wearing #32, with Jacques Dewez (using the pseudonym "Franc"), 12th - Le Mans 24 Hours;
- July 5th, 1964, with Dewez, 16th - Reims 12 Hours;
- September 20th, 1964, 6th - Coupe de Paris at Montlhery;
- October 11th, 1964, with Dewez, 9th - Paris 1000 KM at Montlhery;
- June 19th, 1965, wearing #38, with Dewez, DNF - Le Mans 24 Hours;

In 1966, 904-041 was sold to a gentleman by the name of Barret. From him, the car was sold in 1967 to a Mr. Petitjean, who used it in the following events:
- 1968, 3rd OA - Wissembourg Hillclimb;
- 1968, 1st OA - Abreschwiller Hillclimb;
- 1968, 2nd OA - Arry Hillclimb;
- 1968, 2nd OA - Ballon Alsace Hillclimb;
- 1968, dnf - Sewen Lac Alfeld Hillclimb;
- 1968, 3rd OA - Hautes Vosges Hillclimb;

904-041 was then sold to a Mr. Lutz. Interestingly, Mr. Petitjean told us that the dealer who sold his car, switched its paperwork with that of another 904.
In 1971 the registration “6775 AW 93” appeared in the TDF with Cachia. In 2003 Cacchia told me that he bought his car from Poirot (904 100) ? Later 904-041 was acquired by Klaus-Otto Raker. Raker, a Doctor from Lemgo, Germany, has been a very active historic racer and rally participant. His 550 Spyder and stainless-steel bodied 718 RSK, have been fixtures on the European historic scene. Unfortunately, 904-041 has been rarely seen during his ownership. He appears to retain 904-041 to this day.
More recently, 904-041 may have been sold to Friedrich Dauphin, to add to his growing collection of Alfa, Ferrari and Porsche racing cars. The 904 that he has acquired has been completely restored and has been entered in vintage races, driven on occasion by Walter Rohrl.
2003 Marcel Petitjean told me that the chassis plate between 904030 and 904041 had been changed and that the real 904030 is today 904041.

Originally delivered to Robert Roseta of Portland, Oregon. Though variously reported as a Pacific Cars Northwest and a Riviera Motors entry, it was raced by Mike Eyerly to the following results:
- May 10, 1964, wore # 64, 5th OA - Pacific Raceways USRRC GT race;
- May 10, 1964, wore # 64, 7th OA - Pacific Raceways USRRC Sports race;
The car's next owner was Wade Carter, a Porsche dealer from Seattle, Washington. Continuing 904-042's Pacific Raceways history, Carter used the car at August 1st 1965 running of the USRRC event held at this venue. There, Carter brought the car to a 16th place finish. Wade Carter has long been a well-known name among Porschephiles in the Pacific Northwest. Always cheery and warm, Mr. Carter was to become a fixture at the Monterey Historic Races, with his 906. Unfortunately, Mr. Carter passed away tragically in 2001 when a helicopter that he was testing for possible purchase crashed.

In 1967, 904-042 was acquired by Bruce Munch, a resident of Glendale, California. He may have acquired the car from a gentleman named Ronzle or vice versa.
From California, 904-042 moved north to Kalamazoo, Michigan, owned by Richard Radt. Mr. Radt advertised the car for sale in 1972, offering it for the then princely sum of $ 8200.

The next owner was Maitland Combs of Birmingham, Michigan. He acquired the car around 1973. In the 1980's, 904-042 found its way to Jeffrey Keiner in Florida.

A serious collector who has owned a 550, 906 and 910, Mr. Keiner raced the car in a number of vintage events and maintained it in a race-worthy condition. Under Keiner's ownership, 904-042 appeared at vintage races painted red with distinctively silver rocker and rear panels.

During Keiner's ownership it appeared in the April 1992 issue of Sports Car International. Track tested by Mark Gillies, he observed that, "All the major controls are light: the clutch and brakes need soft inputs, the steering is glorious, and if the gearchange is a bit rubbery, it's still light and swift - provided that you're firm and deft." It was sold to a Californian in 1992. Since, it has been shown at the 2001 Palos Verdes Concours in Los Angeles.

Sold to Brumos. 1964 : 12 Hours Sebring - Jack Ryan/Bill Bencker 31 OA. 1965 : 2000 km Daytona - Jack Ryan/Bill Bencker 9 OA 3 cl. 1965 : 12 Hours Sebring - Jack Ryan/Ted Tidwell 28 OA. Sold to RBM Motors, sold to Ryan. 911 Engine, Sold to Bangert. 1973 : sold to Stinchcomb who is an eye physician. he painted the car in silver.
Sold to Prinoth Italy "NN R 22", sold to Berger. 1968 : sold to Gunnarson.
Stoop was the height of his fame in the English Motor racing scene. He had been a works driver for Frazer Nash at Le Mans throughout the fifties, having come tenth in 1954 and winning his class in 1950; and was currently running a chap from the antipodes Paul "Hawkeye" Hawkins in his privately owned Formula 1 team. (Hawkins was to emulate Ascari in diving into the Monaco Harbour in Stoops' Lotus 33 during that years GP meeting !

The Aldington family were the main agents for Frazer Nash and Porsche, and it was through them that he came to purchase the subject of this story; 904, chassis #45, on 6th March, 1964.
The introduction of the 904 was eagerly awaited by the UK Motoring public, Stoops' car being the first to arrive on British shores. It was delivered in "Irish green", the only 904 painted in this colour.
Stoop had ordered his car with a special set of ratios to suit the flowing Goodwood track. With delivery only days away, and the car due to be raced in a club meeting shortly after, it was found that the wrong ratios had been installed. Andre Loubser who was in charge of delivery to VIP's at the factory decided to make the trek down the Autobahn to Getrag in nearby Ludwigsberg to acquire the appropriate gear sets.

After pleading his case to the Managing Director, he was accompanied to the shop floor where a Lathe operator was summoned to make the appropriate parts for Stoops car. In less than three hours, according to Loubsers' own account in "911 and Porsche world", he was delivering the precious cargo back to Stuttgart.

"Two days later my boss, Erich Hirsch called me into his office and said: "Gott in Himmel, Herr Loubser, what have you done this time?" I was often in hot water for when logic dictated that problems had to be solved unconventionally that was more often than not the route I took.
Hirsch had heard about the gearbox saga, of course, and was most upset about what I'd done. First of all, there was a rigidly defined pecking order in German commerce. …and young employees simply didn't knock on the door of a Managing Director of a large organization such as Getrag. Second all deliveries from Getrag had to be booked into the stores (from where they would later be booked out again) and I had had the nerve to bypass the system.

I patiently explained that there was no time for the normal rules to be followed, and that if Stoops' car had not appeared at Goodwood, it would have caused Porsche no end of embarrassment. When I asked Hirsch what would have happened if I had not taken action, he replied, "You would also have been in trouble!"

Stoop campaigned his 904 enthusiastically: at the 1964 Grand Prix d'Europe meeting at Brands Hatch he followed home an Elan triumvirate of Peter Proctor, Sir John Whitmore and Jackie Oliver. At the August, 1964 Goodwood Tourist Trophy meeting, in the supporting race for two litre cars, Stoop took the lead early, but Mike Spence in the Chequered Flag Lotus Elan got by him on lap five, and stayed there to win, with Mike De Udy in another 904, third.

During the war Squadron leaders Tony Gaze and Richard Stoop would often be seen tearing around the perimeter track at Goodwood, during their off hours from Westhampnett Airbase; and it was indeed Gaze and Stoop post-war that had convinced the Earl of Richmond that Goodwood was most suited to regular motor racing events.

Stoops' moment of glory came at Snetterton during the prestigious 100-mile event, named for the famed "handicapped" Lister driver, Archie Scott Brown. Here Stoop claimed the two and a half litre lap record, won his class and kept Peter Clarke in a Ferrari GTO at bay, finishing a credible fifth outright.,Stoop also campaigned the car in Europe, notably in the European mountain Championship at Rossfeld in June, and Freiburg (where Edgar Barth had won in the 718.

Stoop was killed in his Jaguar road car, and from his estate, 904 number 45 passed to an extensive Porsche collection, in Pennsylvania, where it kept company with some of Stuttgarts' finest and most exotic offspring. Now, the 904 is now with its 3rd owner, here in Australia, the home of Stoops' mate Gaze and about five miles from where a young boy called Hawkins used to man the Petrol bowsers whilst dreaming of racing cars in Europe

Originally delivered to Bernhard Rayers of Bonn, Germany. Mr. Rayers must have been a fairly important person as he ran the car with Factory-supported drivers in 1964. In particular, he obtained the following results with 904-046:

- 1964, wore # 72, with Herbie Mueller, DNF - Targa Florio;
- 1964, with Antonio Pucci, 30th OA - Nurburgring 1000 KM;

In the 1960's, the car made its way to the US. By the late 1960's, it was owned by Edward J. Ver Schneider of Syracuse, New York. Whether he was the first American owner is not known. What we do know is that he had the car for sale for $ 6800 in 1970.

He sold the car to Dan Rowzie of Alexandria, Virginia, who used the car on the road. From Rowzie, 904-046 passed to Miles Collier in the 1980's. For a time, the car was shown in the Collier Museum in Naples, Florida, next to the ex-Briggs Cunningham 904-018. Unfortunately, the collection was closed to the public in the 1990's. But Mr. Collier continues to own the car.

Sold to de Montaign France, Soisbault. 1966 : sold to Yves Martin. 1966 : Rallye Lorraine DNF. Destroyed by fire. 1998 : the papers were sold to Dechaumel who from nothing constructed a complet 904 replica copying the car Pibarot “904 033”.
Sonauto France - Sold to Simon who raced it, 911 engine. Sold to Park USA. Silver/Orange.
Originally delivered to Jean-Claude Mosnier of Lyon, France. Though entered to be co-driven with Andre de Cortanze at Le Mans in 1964, 904-049 did not start the race. Sold to Dechaumel who raced it in hillclimbs and rallyes. The car was imported into the US in the 1960's. 1975 : Haney bought the car from National city without engine and restored with a 6 cylinders. 1984 Advertise by Nelson. 1986 Advertise by Haney who sold it to the stock brocker in San Francisco. 904-049 then appeared at the Monte Carlo auctions in 1990, apparently selling at the latter to Jose Segimon of Spain. Segimon then had the car restored by the Factory. He advertised 904-049 for sale in UK in 1996 but, as far as we know, he stills owns the car.
Originally supplied with a Webasto gas heater, 904-050 was first sold to Jim Hall (of Chaparral fame) and Hap Sharp, both of Midland, Texas. It is possible that this is the car that Ronnie Hissom and Hap Sharp ran at the Sebring 12 Hrs in 1964, wearing # 40, but failed to finish.

Why Hall and Sharp bought the car has been subject to speculation. In Jim Pasha's December 1995 Porsche Panorama article, he states that:

"It is suspected that the car was purchased to satisfy the curiosity of a major car manufacturer Mr. Hall was doing engineering studies for. What he would have found was that the car had more frontal lift than desired and that the enclosed body had an excellent (for 1964) drag coefficient of about .32 in real-life."

From Hall and Sharp, 904-050 was sold to Burdette Martin, also in the US. Mr. Martin was ACCUS official representing the US to the FIA.

Its current owner, Leonard Turner, of Atlanta, Georgia, acquired 904-050 in 1968. Mr. Turner and his wife raced and showed the car for many years. By all accounts, it remains one of the most original and unmolested 904s extant. It has fewer than 20,000 miles, still runs on its original tires, and has never been repainted.

Originally sold to Dr. David Lane of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Under his ownership it appeared in the following events :

- November 29, 1964, wore #47, 10th - Nassau Tourist Trophy;
- December 4, 1964, wore #47, 13th - Nassau Governor's Trophy;
- December 6, 1964, wore #47, 33rd - Nassau Trophy;
- 1965 : 2000 km Daytona - David Lane/Robert Stoddard 16 OA.
- 1966, with Don/Sesslar, wore #47, DNF - Daytona 24 Hours;
From Lane, the car passed in 1969 to Pete McDowell of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Sold to Coll. 1965 : Tour de Corse with Ligier “956 DQ 66”. Sold to Schlesser “7041 SE 75” who raced it. Sold to Parot and sold to Barbaud. 1973 : sold to Barrat USA.. 2003 sold to Mr Konig (Germany)
This was originally sold to Porsche Sweden. It was originally delivered with 5" wheels with Dunlop SP tires, a webasto gas heater and Solex 40 pii-4 carbs with air cleaners. 904-053 was intended for a Swedish rally driver, who apparently took one look at it a reneged. Its ground clearance being insufficient for usage as a rally car.

As a result, the car was sold to a Swedish engineer named Sjumesson. He only used the car on the street, advertising it for sale in 1970.

Its current and only second owner, Jim Perrin of Columbus, Ohio, acquired 904-053 through a broker in 1970. Another timepiece, this 904 survives in completely original condition. It has never been repainted or damaged in any way. Jim has been an active PCA member and brings the car out on occasion.

Sold to Günther Selbach. 1964 : 1000 Km Nürburgring - Günther Selbach 17 OA. In the 70’s the car was sold to USA to Dale.





Originally owned by Ben Pon. It was delivered in a bright shade of orange and with black vinyl seats.
Dutch Racing Team.1964 : 1000 Km Nürburgring - Gerhard Koch/Ben Pon 3 OA 1 cl. 1964 : 24 Hours Le Mans - Ben Pon/Henk van Zalinge 8 OA. 1964 : 12 Hours Rheims - Henk van Zalinge/David van Lennep 15 OA. 1964 : 3 Hours Monza - Rob Slotemaker 1 OA. 1964 : Tour de France - Rob Slotemaker/David van Lennep 6 OA. 1964 : 1000 km de Paris - Rob Slotemaker/David van Lennep 6 OA 1 cl. In 1965 chassis 055 was his personnal car and he raced only 055, never 023, this information been supplied to the author by Ben Pon. On the way to Zolder, the driver of the delivery van lost control of the trailer carrying the 904, damaging those vehicles. However after repair, the 904 still won the race. Engine in 023. 1965 : 1000 Km Nürburgring - Ben Pon/Rob Slotemaker DNS. 1965 : 500 Km Spa 3 OA 1 cl. 1965 : 1000 Km Monza - Ben Pon/Rob Slotemaker 4 OA 1 cl. 1965 : 500 Km Spa - Ben Pon 3 OA 1 cl. 1966 : Sold for 7800 $ to USA. 1972 : for sale by Cumbus.

As recounted by Jim Pasha in the December 1995 issue of Porsche Panorama, Pon had said about his participation in the European Championship that: "My own goal was to finish as high in the standings as possible in the 904. I knew the car was not as fast as the Cobras, Ferrari GTOs and the then-new Ford GT40, but I also knew the 904 would outlast many of them." Subsequent to the 1965 season, 904-055 was traded towards a new 906. The Factory refurbished the motor and transmission, and, though it had not been seriously damaged, it was repainted silver. Sold to Warren Eads. 2002 : solf to Schwartz.

Sold to Ancez who raced it in Belgium with a strange alteration to the roof as the owner, “Baron Remordu” was very tall and could not fit into the car. Sold to Germany.
Originally delivered to Joan Fernandez of Spain. A very active racer in his country, Fernandez compiled an extensive record with 904-057:

1964 : March : Pujada en costa a Montserrat Catalunya 1st - record
April : Joan Pinyol-RACC - Circuit Montjuic Barcelona 1st - record absolut
April : Rallye Vasco-Navarro San Sebastián 2 OA
May : Pujada en costa a Montseny - RACC - European Championship Catalunya 1OA
June : Rallye RACE- (Vuelta a España)- European Championship Spain 1st
September : Pujada Sant Feliu de Codines - Campionat Pujada en costa Catalunya 1st - record
Oct. : Campionat Pujada en costa La Massana (Viladomat) Andorra 1st - record
Oct. : Campionat Pujada Coll de la Botella Andorra 1st
Oct. Rallye 2 Catalunyes, Spain-France DNF
1965 : March : Rallye Falles -Campionat Spain València DNF - Motor
March : Pujada a Montserrat Catalunya 1st
Abril : Rallye RACE - European Championship Spain 1st
September : Campionat Pujada en costa - La Massana Andorra 1st
October : Pujada en costa Barcelona-Andorra Barcelona-Andorra 1st
November : Rallye 2 Catalunyes Spain -France Trencament - Motor

Following its racing career, 904-057 was imported into the US by Jonathan Wort of Lebanon, New Jersey. The car was fully restored in the Midwest and remains in the US to this day.

2003 : MaiI from previous owner : I spent some time digging out photos of 904-057 for you. The attached (mail came back, Yahoo said "file too big", sending seperately) photos were taken in 1982 when I was offering it for sale at my dealership for $48,500. I do remember it having the original motor for it's chassis at that time having been rebuilt by Wellington in the late '70s. It was a "real" car, not a rebodied, built up thing, only missing it's dash pad, original wheels and airbox at the time. It also had Sebring exhaust that went with it. I'd appreciate it if you'd share whatever history you know of her, as I became quite fond of it during it's tenure with me over about 1 1/2 years. The car came from a former US Navy fighter pilot who brought it to America from Europe and I sold it on to another American ~ circa early 1983 when we were experiencing quite an economic slump over here.

Sonauto France. Sold to Roueylou who raced it with the immatriculation. “344 ER 11”, “6404 CS 13”.
Sold to Balas. 1965 : Mont Ventoux - Balas 10 OA. 1966 : Criterium Neige et Glace - Balas DNF. Destroyed in 1966.
Originally sold to Albert Gwinner of Switzerland. It appears that under Mr. Gwinner's ownership, 904-060 was never raced. It was apparently only used as a road car.
From Switzerland, the car was brought into the US by, long-time Porsche collector, John Wean, of Fox Chapel, Pennsylvannia. During his ownership, 904-060 was fitted with a 2.8 911 RSR motor.
Mr. Wean owned the car for at least 20 years, before it was sold through Dale Miller to Ernie Spada jr of Oswego, Oregon around 1995. At that time, the car was wearing fresh orange paint, included its original motor along with the 2.8 and carried an asking price of $ 320,000 US. It found its way to Mr. Miller as part of a lot that was traded to obtain the ex-Blatzheim 908/03 # 006, that had been on display at Peter Kaus' Rosso Bianco collection.
Mr. Spada had the car completely restored, over a two year period, by Shark Racing, of Portland, Oregon. The result was stunning and the car was shown at least once at a Portland area concours, winning its class.
From Mr. Spada, the car passed to Jerry Seinfeld. Seinfeld's collection was housed for a time in an airport hanger near Los Angeles. More recently, it may be housed at a garage that Seinfeld has built in Manhattan.
Originally delivered to a dealer in Frankfurt, Germany named Glockler. From Glockler, 904-061 was sold its first owner in Portugal. The story goes that after being passed by a Lamborghini Muira, the Portugese gentleman abandoned the 904 in a garage for many years.

In 1980, it was acquired by Mr. Touroul, a Parisien who had run a 910 at Le Mans in the 1970's. In 1988, 904-061 had only 13000 kms and still sported its original Signal Red paint. It was also found to be equipped with a cream leather interior with special carpets and a street exhaust.

By the late-1990's, 904-061 had been acquired by Porsche collector, Alain Salat. In 2000, 904-061 was been restored by a shop in Paris. At that time, the original paint was abandoned for the more common silver exterior and black interior combination.

2002 : sold to Germany.

Sold to Pierre Jaillardon, “856 CH 13” sold to Maucort. Rallye du Var DNF accident, sold to Contact Garage, sold to Jose Piger as an accident car without engine, gearbox, chassis plate and french papers, sold to Germany where Kurek bought it (Kurek told me that he only get a nude chassis - see the Kurek chapter). The new owner rebuilt the car between 1975 and 1979. 1979 : sold to Bruce Canapa USA.Sold to Morse 1989 sold to France to Reynaud who reconstruct the 904 and changed all the front of the car including the radiator and the gas tank. 1991 : auction Paris, car was restored. 1993 STPO. Color Silver with 911 engine. “8261 XQ 06”
Originally delivered to "Lacourbe de Vost", apparently an alias for Andre Lacourbe, of Courbevoie, France. He raced the car under the name, "Roy von Vost".
The car was very badly damaged in an accident on the 11th lap of the 1965 Spa 500 KM. Subsequently, it was sent back to the Factory for a complete rebuild. Though its original motor and transmission survived, it required a new chassis and body. At that time, it was fitted with short doors and a central filler cap but it kept the original style tail with the small air intakes. As a result, 904-063 turns out to be somewhat of a hybrid, being comprised of body characteristics from both 1964 and 1965.
After its rebuild, 904-063 was raced by Lacourbe, again under the name of "Roy Vost". At the April 24th, 1966 running of the Coupe USA at Montlhery, wearing number 15, it finished 5th overall. Since that date, little of the car has changed.
In the 1970's, 904-063 reappeared in California. While owned by Bill Kargas, of Santa Barbara, it was run in the 1977 Monterey Historic Races.
From Kargas, the car was sold to Jeff Cannon of Woodland Hills, California. At the time it had an indicated 825 miles on the odometer. Subsequently, the car was housed in a garage in Paris for 13 years.

In the 1990's 904-063 was acquired by Martin Schroeder of Duingen, Germany. At the time, 904-063 had barely more than 1000 miles on the clock and, other than its Monterey Historic Race experience, has never seen any serious track usage. It was totally original, at least as it left the Porsche Factory for the second time.

904-063 was then acquired by Sam Yagi of Japan. Since the late 1990's, his small collection had been for sale through a number of different brokers in Europe and Japan. Priced at $ 500,000 US, 904-063, with its 1600 miles or so, sat virtually untouched in its Japanese garage.
In 2002 904-063 was finally sold to Bill Stephens, who lives in England. This car is a fascinating timepiece and deserves a good home. It also would offer an interesting contrast to some of the gleaming better-than-new cars that we now see, particularly in European Historic racing.

Originally sold to Josef "Sepp" Greger. He raced 904-064 with great success in the 1964 and 1965 European Hillclimb Championship. The following is a summary of the results that he may obtained:
- June 23, 2nd OA - Mont Ventoux Hillclimb;
- July 7, 1st OA - Ratisbona Hillclimb;
- July 28, 5th OA - Cesana-Sestriere Hillclimb;
- August 11, 5th OA - Freiburg-Schauinsland Hillclimb;
- August 25, 3rd OA - Ollon-Villars Hillclimb;
- September 8, 4th OA - Gaisberg Hillclimb;
- June 13, 7th GT - Rossfeld Hillclimb;
- June 20, 1st Sport - Wasgau Hillclimb;
- July 11, 3rd GT - Trento-Bondone Hillclimb;
- July 18, DNF - Solitude GP;
- July 25, 5th GT - Cesana-Sestriere Hillclimb;
- August 8, Freiburg-Schauinsland Hillclimb;
- August 15, 2nd GT - Happurg Hillclimb;
- August 22, 1st GT - Ratisbona Hillclimb;
- August 29, 3rd GT - Ollon-Villars Hillclimb;
- September 5, 1st GT (record run) - Augusta Hillclimb;
- Sepember 19, 2nd GT - Gaisberg Hillclimb;
- September 26, 1st (record run) - Schwahische Alb Hillclimb;
- October 10, 4th GT - Innsbruck;
- October 17, 4th GT - Wien Aspern;
In addition, Greger, driving with Kooki, and with the car wearing # 41, 904-064 failed to finish at the May 25, 1966 running of the Monza 1000 KM.The car was also raced in Italy by Barbuscia.
Later, the car was acquired by Vasek Polak and delivered to his garage in Hermosa Beach, California. While under Polak's ownership, 904-064 was fitted with a 911 motor. Though we are not aware of specific results, 904-064 was likely raced in California through the late 1960's.
Eventually, the car found its way to Polak's son, Vasek Polak, jr. Through the years the car has been for sale. Around 2000, priced at around $ 200,000. It sat in Junior's garage, virtually untouched, until acquired in 2001 by Steve Johns of Arizona. Subsequent to its acquisition, Steve sent 904-064 to Gunnar to be freshened up and sadly repainted.
Owner or brokered for sale at some time by Everett Anton Singer from whom no details where firstcoming. Sold to Vincent Faiola USA sold to Gil Shelton, sold to Lichtman, sold to Weldon Scrogham, sold to Peter Sererian .Sold to Europe.
Originally sold to Archie Walker of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

From Walker, 904-066 passed to Lee Sturdivant of Chicago, Illinois, who does not appear to have raced the car.
Its current (and only third) owner, Henry Payne, acquired the car from Sturdivant in early 1967. Shortly thereafter, he replaced the 4-Cam with a 911 motor. The 4-Cam was sold to Chuck Rathman for 904-036. He replaced the original tail section with a 1965-style tail. Henry has run the 904 extensively. It has been used as a daily driver, for hillclimbs, and vintage races, logging over 100,000 miles. It is certainly the highest mileage 904 extant today and is a testament to the robustness and build quality of these racecars. It stands in marked contrast to all of the horror stories of rusting chassis and epoxy losing its bond.
Before its vintage race career, 904-066 ran at the following hillclimbs, driven by Henry Payne :
- 1969, 1974 & 1978, Coonskin, West Virgina, obtaining the OA record;
- 1970, 3rd OA - Chimney Rock, North Carolina;
- 1971, FIA Class Record - Chimney rock, North Carolina;
- 1971, 1972, Class Record - Bellefontaine, OH;

An engineer, Mr. Payne continues to log many vintage race miles in this very well maintained and usable car. It now shares garage space in Charleston, West Virginia with 906-160, 910-001, 907-005, and 908/02-017.

Originally sold to George Barber of Birmingham, Alabama. Previously, this pioneer privateer Porsche racer, had raced a 550 RS A Spyder in the US. Now, Mr. Barber continues to operate a huge farming enterprise and has a motorcycle and Lotus racing car museum, open to the public, in Birmingham.
Barber and Peter Gregg took the car and raced at the 1965 “12 Hours of Sebring”. It is said that Gregg took the car off course, bent the right spindle and the car did not finish.
At some point, its original motor was replaced by a 2.0 Liter 911 motor and was red.
In the 1970's, 904-067 was acquired by Al Alden, a resident of Florida. 2002 : The car has passed to a new owner in the US, who the same year, was having the car restored. 2002 : Monterey auction. 2003 : Scottsdale auction. Sadly it lost his untouched condition by being overestored.
Originally sold to Bruce Jones of Macon, Georgia. By the end of 1964, 904-068 had been acquired by famed (future) 911 racer, Peter Gregg. A one-time part owner in Brumos Porsche, Gregg was a talented but volatile driver. He cut his teeth with 904-068, gaining the following results : - November 29, 1964, wore #14, 12th OA - Nassau Tourist Trophy - December 4, 1964, wore #14, 14th OA - Governor's Trophy (Nassau); - December 6, 1964, wore #14, 22nd OA - Nassau Trophy - April 11, 1965, DNF - Pensacola USRRC - May 23, 1965, DNF - Bridgehampton USRRC (Vanderbilt Cup) - November 28, 1965, 2nd OA - Nassau Tourist Trophy - December 5, 1965, 11th OA - Nassau Trophy. The car was sold in 1966 to Bill Lichtman from the Southeast of the US. Unfortunately, he lost his life in a tragic accident at an SCCA race in Savannah, Georgia. Subsequently, the parts sat for close to 25 years, without its center-section (that was lost in accident). More recently the parts of 904068 were acquired by Scot Michael Robottom.In 2002, the car was being completely build by a shop in Florida, and after joins his superb ex-Rodriguez brothers RSK, s/n 718020.
Originally delivered to Heinz Schiller. A serious European competitor, Schiller acquired 904-069.
Schiller also owned 904 039 and from the photo we didn’t find any silver car racing with Schiller.
Subsequent to the 1964 season, 904-069 was sold to a gentleman named Chalut of Genf, Switzerland. The only competitive entry that we are aware of is at the 1965 Ollon-Villars Hillclimb in Switzerland. There, Chalut was classified 80th OA. From Switzerland, 904-069 was sold to Cordell Bahn of Seattle, Washington. Mr. Bahn used the car at the Monterey Historic Races on a few occasions. In 1985, Mr. Bahn sold the car to Robert Heacox. Sold to Bracht who had a restoration undertaken by Trigaux in Belgium. Subsequent to its restoration, 904-069 appeared in a 1992 issue of Automobiles Classiques, a glossy, French classic car magazine.
Our understanding is that 904-069 was damaged in a road accident. The car was then apparently completely rebuilt by Feustel in Germany, possibly requiring a new chassis and body at the time. Around 1997, 904-069 was acquired by Irvine Laidlaw a Scotsman, now living in Monaco. The 904 is one of a few cars, including 250 SWB and 6CM Maseratis, that he races seriously in European vintage events. Mr. Laidlaw has built an empire in organizing trade shows and consulting but does not consider himself to be a car collector. He has cars that he is interested in using and professes that he will sell a car once he loses interest in racing it. Notwithstanding whatever happened to the car in the mid-1990's, 904-069 is now, a vintage racing 904. It is maintained by Phil Stainton. 2002 Tour Auto, I saw that there was no chassis number added on the rear chassis.
Sold to Handler, Japan. Suzuka Grand Prix in 1964 and has been reproduced in kit (plastic model) form.
Sold to AFN, England. Sold to De Udy. Raced by David Piper.
Sold to Carel Godin De Beaufort. Venezuela.who “leased the car to Van Lennep who crashed it in his first race. As the car was not properly insured, this caused many problems for De Beaufort.

Sold to Pierre Martin France. Sold to Allemany who raced it at the 1966 Tour de Corse 1970 : Sold to a person living in Cannes and repaint "Gulf Colour" 1989 : sold to Germany to Scheider and restored end of 1993. Rumors says that during the restoration a complete car was built and the chassis number 904 073 was put on the new car. 1994 : accident at a milage of 1002 kilometers. The 904 was hit sidewards at the left back wheel. Left and right hand chassis deformed, steering stub axle deformed. 2001 : same damaged condition.
Rumours says that the original chassis and parts of the body which were supposedly destroyed were sold to Belgium with the chassis number 904 016 which doesn’t exist any more.

Sold to Giacomo Moioli alias “Noris” who raced it a lot in Hillclimbs.Car was accidented and the chassis body was replaced by the factory with a central filler cap. 1966 sold to Alberto Luti in Italy who also raced it.
Sold to Jacques Rey. Marokko. 1964 : Targa Florio Jacques Rey/Jean-Pierre Hanrioud 14 OA. 1964 : Tour de France Jacques Rey/Jean-Pierre Hanrioud DNF.
Though there is little to say about this particular 904, it, nonetheless, has a fascinating history. Its original owner, Nick Begovich, California, still had this car as of the writing of this book !

It has never been raced and has not been restored.

Originally delivered to Italy, the car was acquired through Ernst Prinoth. It was one of very few 904's that were privately raced in Italy. One must admire the courage of an Italian running a Porsche in Italy against the Alfas and Ferraris of the time. The first owner entered the car in the May 13, 1964 running of the Coppa del Cimino, wearing # 252. 904-077 was then sold to another Italian racer named Maestrini. He entered the car in the following races:
- June 6, 1965, wore # 104, driven by Maestrini and Fabri, 8th OA & 1st 2 Liter GT - Mugello;
- June 20, 1965, wore # 366, driven by Maestrini, 1st - Camucia Cortona ;
- November 4, 1965, 2nd 2 Liter GT - Shell Trophy at Vallelunga ;
- November 14, 1965, driven by Maestrini, 2nd 2 Liter GT - Viterbo Poggio Nibbio ;
The car was acquired by another Italian, a gentleman named Benelli, in 1985. In 1996, 904-077 was by its current owner, Romeo Balli, and it continues to reside in Italy. It is quite original condition, having only been refreshed and repainted. Mr. Balli occasionally exercises the car and enters it in vintage events periodically.
2002 : Italy.
Originally acquired by Andrea Vianini, an Italian who was living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to compete in European road races. The car was kept in Italy. With Bruno Deserti and wearing number 94, it failed to finish the 1964 Targa Florio as a result of an accident. The car was apparently sent to the Factory for repairs. Shortly thereafter, and again with Deserti, it finished a respectable 10th overall at the Nurburgring 1000 KM.

904-078 stayed in Italy, owned by Vianini, into the early 1970's, used only in minor events. Around 1973, it was "found" by Michael Lederman, a New Yorker who had lived in Italy, for Ernst Benzien of Stratford, Connecticut. Mr. Benzien, while in university in the mid-1960's, had worked for Lake Underwood, who co-drove Cunningham's 904 at Sebring in 1964. It was then that he made a mental note, "I've got to own one of those one day." He picked up 904-078 at the docks in New Jersey and drove the car home. His only glitch was that it stalled crossing the George Washington bridge. Certainly an excusable event for a little, unmuffled racecar making its first trip to the big city. Thereafter, it was to be road registered in Connecticut.

The car was (and is) very original, having kept its original motor and transmission. It sported Simca-style vent windows that had been added by Vianini. It had a Le Mans night light and a lock to control adding oil or fuel, suggesting that it was set up to run at Le Mans. Also, it had round, below-the-nose fog-lights. Its rough post-Targa Florio "weekend fix" (as Ernst calls it) was quite evident and, as a result, was cleaned up in the 1980's, along with the car being repainted. Otherwise, it remains as last raced, now having only 8000 miles on the odometer.

Notwithstanding its limited restoration, it is in beautiful condition. It was shown at the Louis Vuitton Concours in New York City and won its class over a Ferrari GTO, which seems appropriate. More recently, it was brought to the Porsche racing car reunion at Lime Rock, organized by Brian Redman, in 2001. Another of the select group of very original 904's that have stayed with a long-term owner, in this case 30 years in the hands of its second owner. 904-078 could not have found a more appropriate owner or home to live out its retirement. A great 904 that, hopefully, will avoid the fate of being concours restored.


Sold to Scuderia Filipinetti. 1964 : 1000 Km Nürburgring Herbert Müller/André Knörr 6 OA . Hill Climb - Rossfeld André Knörr 16 OA . 1964 : 24 Hours Le Mans Herbert Müller/Claude Sage 11 OA. 1964 : 12 Hours Reims Herbert Müller/André Knörr 12 OA. Hill Climb - Freiburg André Knörr 8 OA. Hill Climb - Sierra Montagna André Knörr 7 OA 3 cl. Rear body work modified.

Originally sold to Gianni Bulgari of Rome, Italy, supplied with a Webasto gas heater. Driven by Bulgari and Maurizio Grana, wearing number 78, 904-080 failed to finish at the 1964 Targa Florio. The car was registered for the 1964 running of the Nurburgring 1000 KM but did not start.

From Italy, it was sold to Sam Posey of Sharon, Connecticut in 1966. Now a respected automotive writer and commentator for the Speed Network, Posey graduated from Formula Vee to Sports Car Racing with 904-080. From there, he graduated to Trans-Am racers.

Posey adapted the car for tighter US circuits through obtaining bigger brakes. During his ownership, the gas heater was removed and the battery was relocated to the passenger side of the interior. With 904-080 he obtained the following results:
- 1966, # 20, with Harry Theodoracopulos & Jim Haynes 11th-Daytona 24 Hrs;
- April 1966, DNF-VIR SCCA National;
- 1966, 21st-Bridgehampton USRRC;
- 1966, with Ray Caldwell, 1st-Watkins Glen 500 (6 Hr race);

In a feature on the car in Gmund number 6 Gilbert and Susanne Meyer recount how Caldwell had to stop on the rainy Watkins Glen back straight to figure out how to turn on the windshield wipers!

After the 1966 season, Posey sold the car to Alex Dearborn of Marblehead, Mass. He sold the 4-cam motor to Bob Bailey and replaced it with a 2.0 L 911 motor. He added heating, some soundproofing, a 356 fuel tank and a ski rack and used it on the road, including for trips to ski in Vermont. In 1968, he pretty much gave up on the car and it sat outside rotting for two years.

In 1970, Gilbert Meyer, of Boston, Mass. acquired 904-080. The car was comprehensively restored over a 2 and 1/2 year period and won the Judge's Choice award at the 1974 Porsche Parade at Pocono, Pennsylvania.

Later, 904-080 was sold on to Europe, where it stays to this day.

Sold to Andre Potier. “2000 DC 59” 1966 : Rallye Picardie DNF, destroyed by fire.
Sold to Leopolo Barbora Caracas Venuzuela. Driven by Natalini. Said to be destroyed.
1964 : “8537 QD 75”. 3/1965 : Barbier “8202 DG 59”. 1965 : Coupe des Alpes, center filler cap car. Sold to Valentin Aldy. France, sold to Cyr Febbraio “71 LH 83”. 1971 : Sold to Germany. 1998 : Bubetz (Munich) sold to Schemel who had the car restored by his friend Bergermann

Sold to Clemens Belgium. 1964 : 500 Km Spa Emile-Claude Clemens. 1964 : 1000 Km Nürburgring Marcel van Bierbeek/Emile-Claude Clemens DNF. Blue. Sold to Jean Pierre Gaban, big road accident on his way to Rallye Mont Blanc, 1967 sold to Van Der Schrick who sold it in France 1968 : Sold to USA to Tom Elerding, California. Sold to Kirby. 1980 : sold to Ron Hugues. 2000 Restored

Mail from owner : I purchased the car, 904-084, in February 1974 from O.E. Pennington who lived in Lake Mary, Florida (near Orlando). I was a resident of San Jose, CA at that time. The car when bought has already been converted to a six cylinder engine and I was never able to determine exactly when and where that change took place. It was an early 911 2.0 liter motor that was pretty tired. Over time, I replaced it with a 2.7 Carrera, with about 280 hp. I took the car completely apart and did a rebuild of most mechanical parts, as well as a detailing of the undercarriage, etc. The paint and interior were touched up, but it was basically in good condition. I used the car in time trails & some autocrosses throughout Northern California over several years and also took it to the 1975 Porsche Parade in Seattle, WA. At that time, I was very active in the Golden Gate Region of PCA, and there were two other 904's owned by region members. Harvey & Linda Smith had either # 032 or #033, and Bob Davidson had a car numbered in the low 100's. It had a factory installed 911 motor. All 3 of us participated in the '75 Parade I menti ned above, and were entered in the Concours. It rained hard that day, so the cars were crammed under som grandstands at a horse race track. It was a mess! the car. I sold it in late '76-early '77.

Handler. England, sold to David Hall USA.
Originally sold to Lee Cutler of Jacksonville, Florida. He brought it to Nassau in the Bahamas for 1964 Speed Week. There, he finished 11th in the Tourist Trophy, 12th in the Governor's Trophy, and 27th in the Nassau Trophy, always wearing number 55, and was 1st OA at the Five Laps. Porsche Parade.
For the 1965 season, 904-086 was driven for Cutler by Charlie Kolb. Paired with Roger Heftler, Kolb drove it to 5th overall at the Daytona 2000 KM in 1965 and later, that same year, he drove it alone to an 8th overall at the USRRC race run at Pensacola, Florida.
Charlie Kolb, who was about to turn 80 as of the writing of this book,
is still an active racer, competing with his Chevron B8 in vintage races. A very funny, generous, and modest man, Kolb raced everything from a Maserati 300S in the 1950's to Bill Harrah and Luigi Chinetti-supported Ferrari's and Factory Porsches in the 1960's. He was among the quickest of the 904 drivers in the mid-1960s. He recounted a story to me about when he sold his RSK to a German living in the Bahamas. In 1965, he made the trip over to the Bahamas to drive a Factory Bergspyder in the Nassau Speed Week. Having negotiated a sale of his RSK to a Bahamian resident, he brought the over. The new owner was to drive the car in Speed Week races but was seriously outpaced by most of his competitors in practice, including the 904 of Peter Gregg.
So the unhappy RSK owner complained to Charlie. Well, he said to Kolb, I've bought your car for $ 5500 and I don't have a chance, and Gregg wants to sell me his 904 for $ 7500, and he's up front. Well, as racers are apt to do, Charlie had already spent his $ 5500 on another racecar. So Charlie made the German-Bahamian an offer. He would race the RSK against Gregg and others in an all-Porsche race and, if he placed anywhere other than first, he'd take the car back and return the money.
As Charlie lined the aging RSK on the grid with the other Porsches, the 904 drivers, including his buddies Peter Gregg and George Drolsom ridiculed him. But, sure enough, Charlie did win. And since no one updated the race entry list, later, at the awards banquet, a slightly embarrassed inexperienced and new RSK owner was called to accept his trophy. When he noted to Charlie that he in fact deserved the trophy, Charlie, ever the diplomatic gentleman, said "no, I have enough trophies, it's yours." And, sure enough, once he had gotten up the German-Bahamian could be certain of at least one thing, he did in fact now own Charlie's RSK.
904-086 then passed through a few more owners, including Bob Watkins, before it was disassembled in the early 1970's. In 1973, its motor was rebuilt with 3-dot camshafts with interchangeable lobes and other modern modifications. It was said to produce 198 DIN HP at that time, which would have given a first-generation six-cylinder a serious run for its money.

It was acquired in the mid-1970's by Californian, Ron Armour, who had the car restored. At that time, six colors were stripped to reach the bare body. It was painted red for its new owner. Armour was responsible for a number of videos, released in the mid-1980's, that covered Porsche racing cars. 904-086 appeared in the 904 video.
Armour sold the car to Howard Meister of Newport Beach, California in 1977/8. It appeared in a Road & Track Salon in July of 1978.

In the 1980's, 904-086 followed the stream of cars that crossed the Pacific over to Japan. There, it appeared at a number of vintage meets, including the Monte Miglia. The car was offered for sale in 2001.
From Japan, the car was sold to a dealer in France, where it has been repainted its original Champagne yellow and now sports an asking price of $ 440,000. It was on display in the pits at the Le Mans Classic in September of 2002

Originally sold to Chris Cord of Beverly Hills, California. Though Mr. Cord eventually became a successful professional racer, it does not appear that he ever drove 904-087 in competition.
Instead, this car became part of Otto Zipper's Precision Motor Cars team. It was raced extensively by Scooter Patrick, including to the following results (may be):
- 1965, 14th-Pacific Raceways USRRC;
- 1965, 9th-Continental Divide USRRC;
- 1966, 9th-Las Vegas USRRC;

In the late 1960's, 904-087 was acquired by Dick Barbour and was raced. From Barbour it passed to Jim Weickgenant of Oceanside, California around 1970. He had it entered in the 1971 ARRC races run at Road Atlanta but did not start : accident. Under his ownership, it ran in vintage races, including the 1982 Monterey Historic Races, where Porsche was the featured marque. 1984 : Sold by Weick Genant. The car was sold to Larry Menser around 1987. Living a short distance from Laguna Seca, Mr. Menser added to 904-087's continuous west coast history by running it in the Monterey Historic Races, first in 1988 and regularly thereafter.
More recently, 904-087 has left Californian ownership for the first time. In 2001 she was sold to Australian trucking magnate, Lindsay Fox. The car now lives amongst a huge collection in Melbourne, which includes a large stash of 300 SLs and, more notably, a 550 RS and an RSK.

1967 : destroyed. 1992 : Rumours says that Feustel bought the 904 papers from M. Hardy and built a complete new car using his own chassis and body. 1997 : Rumours says that Feustel has used the chassis/body of this new car to replace the 904 104 chassis/body and he reconstructed a new 904 088 ? 1999 : Auction London, the car was withdrawn from the sale due to an unsatisfactory provenance.
Originally sold to Horst Herold of Wiesbaden, Germany. From him it passed to a succession of two German owners including M. Leuze who raced it.
From Germany, it was sold to Mike Robbins of Indiana, in the US. Mr. Robbins raced the car fairly extensively, and obtained the following results:
- 1967, ? - Daytona SCCA Runoffs ;
- 1968, ? - Road America June Sprints ;
- July 28, 1968, with Jack Cooper, DNF (transmission problems) - USRRC Road America 500 ;
- ? - IRP ;
- ? - Blackhawk Farms ;
- ? - Nelson Ledges ;
The car is now back in Germany, in the enthusiastic hands of Klaus-Dieter Frers, who vintage races the car fairly consistently. 904-089 has been restored and is kept in race-worthy condition.
Sold to Francisco Godia Sales Spain. 1967 : sold to Reynaud “133 RE 06” who raced it. 1971: raced by Jeff Klein in SCCA. Still owned by Rudi Klein. 2001 : for sale need restoration as car was sitting 20 years in backyard. 2002 : sold.
Sold to Poac USA. 1965 : 24 Hours Le Mans - Gerhard Koch/Anton Fischhaber 5 OA 1 cl. 1966 : 24 Hours Daytona - Günther Klass/Udo Schütz 8 OA 2 cl. 1966 : 12 Hours Sebring - George Follmer/Peter Gregg 7 OA 1cl. Sold to James Green. 1969 : Accident flipped at Watkins Glen. Sold to Neuman. 2001 Sold to Switzerland and then the car was restored changing the gas tank, the plexiglass, and the seats.
Originally delivered to Carel Godin de Beaufort of the Netherlands.
From de Beaufort, 904-092 passed to F. English Ltd., a Ford dealership located in the UK. In August of 1965, the car was sold to Patrick Godfrey, who raced it in the UK. In February of 1967, 904-092 was sold to Kenneth Luscome, who only kept the car for a short time before selling it to Alain de Cadanet and John MacKay, also in the UK. During their ownership, the car was raced as follows: May 20, 1967, de Cadanet 15th-Martini Trophy at Silverstone;

In the late 1960's, the car passed to Charles Sayer, and stayed in the UK. Mr. Sayer's intention was to race the car but it was not competitive enough for him.
In 1970, 904-092 crossed the Atlantic, being imported into the US and finding a new owner in Michigan. From Michigan, it was sold to Bud Fagan of Gainsville, FL in the 1970's.
By the late 1970's, real estate heir and magnate, Yoshiho Matsuda of Tokyo and Hakone, was accumulating Porsche racecars for a Museum that he would eventually open in Hakone in the 1980's, The Porsche Museum of Japan. His collection was to become the most complete private Porsche racecar hoard in the world, amassing a 550, 550A, RS61, 1600 GTL Abarth, 906, 910, 908-02 and 917K.
During his ownership a photographic book entitled "Porsche 904 GTS", was produced by Matsuda, highlighting 904-092 but without his early history which was unknown until today.
By the late 1990's, Matsuda decided to sell all of his Porsches and concentrate on his four Ferrari GTOs.

His collection was sold, mainly, through Symbolic Motors. 904-092 was offered through RM and appeared at their Amelia Island and Monterey Auctions in 2000, selling at the latter for $ 240 000. 2003 Restored in Silver and for sale by Mark Leonard USA.The author has the original english title for this car from the 60’s.

Originally sold to Ross Bagdosarian of Beverly Hills, California. This car was to be used as part of the Otto Zipper Precision Motors racing team in 1965. It was raced (may be) in the following events:
- March 27, 1965, wearing # 41, Scooter Patrick & Dave Jordan, 10th OA - Sebring 12 Hrs ; - May 2, 1965, wore # 33, Dave Jordan or Jim Adams, 4th OA - Riverside USRRC; - May 9, 1965, wore # 31, Dave Jordan, 4th OA - Laguna USRRC GT ; August 1, 1965, Dave Jordan, 15th OA - Pacific Raceways USRRC ; August 15, 1965, Dave Jordan, 11th OA - Continental Divide USRRC.

The car was then sold to Brent Doell and Gerry Gregory, who ran a racing team out of Palos Verdes, California. For Doell/Gregory Racing, 904-093 was one of two 904's raced in Southern California by Bob Kirby through to the late 1960's. The car was offered for sale in 1969. From Doell/Gregory, 904-093 was sold to Russell Thurber of Manhattan Beach, California. Thurber apparently did not race the car and he had it for sale in late 1970 for $7200. By then, though, the car had become seriously raceworn. The car then crossed the country over to Macon, Georgia, where it was to be owned by an attorney named Bruce Jones. From Jones, the car passed to Dr. Jim Griffin of Birmingham, Alabama. Jim describes the transaction as being kind of frightening, involving a hotel room meeting, some goons, and the transfer of 5000 hard-earned dollars. Luckily, as he remembers it, he left with 904-093.
Once he got the car home, Jim realized that the car needed some serious work before it would be presentable. Towards this end, he purchased a new body from Stoddard in Ohio. To his surprise, the body was delivered in a very flat box. This just could not be right, he thought at the time. But a quick call to Stoddard's proved that there was no mistake. He was told that these bodies required extensive bending before they could be bonded! He put it all together and, in the end, the car was beautiful.Griffin then sold the car to Charlie Morekis, a Volkswagen and Porsche garage owner from Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Morekis used the car often, entering it vintage races in the 1980's. He sold 904-093 in the early 1990's.

Sold to Ricketts Motor for 7 425 $. 1964 17th August sold to Otto Zipper. 1964 31th August, sold to Jane O’neall.1966 17th June sold to Advanced Production Service (the famous Georges Lucas). 1966 7th Sept. Sold to Bruce Smith. 1967 4th March sold to Harrison Haggard. Sold to Mazzota. 2003 : in Japan. The author has all the original invoices from all the previous owners.
Sold to Sonauto. 1964 : 12 Hours Reims - Annie Soisbault/Claude Dubois 13 OA. 1966 sold to Balas. 1967 : Criterium Neige et Glace. Sold to Freisinger, sold to Webb USA, who in 1985 sold it to H.A Sessions.1996 sold to Mr Jenkins who had the engine restored by Andial.
Originally delivered to Robert Rhodes of Fresno, California. During Rhodes' ownership it was raced only once. Milt Minter, who would go on to race 917-10s in the Can-Am Championship, was loaned the car for a race at Candlestick Park in San Francisco in 1964. Though Minter finished a commendable 2nd, the car was slightly damaged and drowned Rhodes' interest in racing his prized possession.
Rhodes then sold 904-096 to George Thwing of La Jolla, California. Mr. Thwing ran it in SCCA events, and, eventually, had its 4-cam replaced with a 2.0 L, 6-cylinder motor. He advertised the 4-Cam for sale around 1970, representing it as having a "stage 3 case and Le Mans Kit." During his ownership, Thwing was known to exercise the car on the Pacific coast near San Diego.

Its next owner was Harry Isaacs of Beverly Hills, California who bought it in 1968.
Martin Konig, who acquired 904-096 in 1989, brought the car to the United Kingdom subsequent to a complete restoration by Nate Cantwell's Connecticut shop. At that time, its ruby red paint was changed to silver. During Konig's ownership, 904-096 had been photographed for magazines and had been shown at a few car meets.

More recently, 904-096 has joined the growing collection of Mr. Laureys in Belgium. There, it joins an Alfa TZ1, a 33.2 Daytona, and a Stradale.

Sold to AFN England, sold to Morris who raced it in England and Italy, sold to Butler USA. 1993 : bought by M. Jung from MR Sportwagen Switzerland. 1994 : Restoration done at the factory of Ruf Automobile for his customer M. Jung.
Sold to Brandage USA, sold to Tidwell, sold to Herrington.

Mail from Herrington : I owned 098 for a number of years, late '60s to early '80s. I used it as a street car, though I took it to one PCA driving event, (at Marlboro, RIP) where I found that what they said about the car was true-corners like a go-kart, but when it lets go, it's done180 degrees before you know it's loose. It was a really great car on the windy hilly roads of northern Virginia, not so great in the concrete jungles of southern California.
Apparently built as a road car, 904-099 was first owned by Clyde McNeil of Thomas, Oklahoma. He acquired the car through a dealership named Hahn Porsche.

Through the actor Robert Redford, the car was then sold to Harry Cohn of Columbia Pictures and moved to Beverly Hills, California.

Its third (and current) owner, is Robert Serra of Kansas City, Kansas. He acquired 904-099 in 1975. The car has never been damaged and is now pristine. Most recently, it was shown at the Porsche Club of America Annual Meet at Mt. Tremblant in 1999 and at the 2001 PCA Meet.

"SLS D 905”. Sold To Franz Jung Germany. Originally delivered to Christian Poirot of France. Mr. Poirot would become a loyal Porsche competition car customer, progressing through 906s, 910s and 908s. Wearing number 62, 904-100 was driven by Poirot and Rolf Stommelen at the 1965 running of the Le Mans 24 Hrs. Unfortunately, its participation was short-lived, retiring with a broken gearbox early in the second hour of the race.
In 2003 : Cachia told me that he bought his car from Poirot but on the registration paper the car of Cachia appeared to be 904 041.
The car was sold to an amateur racer in California, who raced it successfully on the West Coast for a few years. From there it ended up in Bethesda, Maryland, in the hands of Jim Meehan.

Meehan then sold it Dick Barbour, who was living in San Diego. Barbour also owned 904-087 around that time, so it is difficult to be certain whether he raced 904-100. What is certain, though, is that he advertised the car for sale between 1969 and 1972, in a package that included three motors, a spare tail section and various other parts.

Jim Derich, another Californian, purchased the car from Barbour in the early 1970's. The car was silver and in restored condition at that time. He ran 904-100 at the 2nd running of the Monterey Historic Races in 1975.

After the Poirot accident in 1964 the car was replaced with a new chassis with central filler cap (look the photo in the races result). Now the car is with a right passenger filler cap who is not correct. Something seems strange as a center filler cap does not became a right passenger filler cap without some manipulation !
In 1988 it came to the sympathetic hands of Gilbert Amoroso. For him, the car was completely stripped and fully restored over a three year period. 904-100 was painted black at that time. It received the Road & Track award at the 1991 Newport Beach Concours. He offered the car for sale in 1993 for $425,000.

904-100 then passed to Jim Barrington of Stinson Beach, California. The car now has three Gmund Coupes for stable-mates. Most recently, it was shown at the Porsche Club of America's 2000 Annual Meet.

Sold to Werner Brendel. 1964 : Tour de France Klass/Wütherich 40 OA. Sold to Allen Hilmer. Accident in Long Beach highway crash. 1985 : sold to Kerry Morse. 202 : we believe that only the chassis exists today.
Sold to Rolf Stommelen 1965 Hill Climb - Rossfeld Rolf Stommelen 6 OA 3 cl. 1965 Hill Climb - Freiburg .Rolf Stommelen 7 OA. 1965 Hill Climb - Ollon Villars Rolf Stommelen 5 OA 2 cl.1966 Hill Climb - Sierra Montagna Rolf Stommelen DNF. Sold to Joe Pfister, sold to Bob Bergstrom Japan, sold to Mike Szabo,sold to Dick Lovell, sold to Kato Kenichi
Sold to Dennis Aase, sold to Hilmer. Destroyed
Sold to Eddy Meert Belgium. 1964 : 500 Km Spa Meert. 1964 : Tour de France Meert 6 OA. 1967 : sold to Dutoit “7491 DW 59”. 1970 : sold to Consten “241 BD 92” with 6 cylinders 2400 cc. 1995 : STPO France. 1997 : rumours say that the car was restored by Feustel who replaced the rusty chassis and body. Original chassis/body was sold with another number.
Sold to Heini Walter. Look also 904033.
24 Hours Le Mans Robert Buchet / Guy Ligier 7 OA (but registration show “821 FK 86” who belong to 904-021). The author has the Le Mans registration which confirm 904 106 as car entered.
Sold to John Fergus USA, sold to Carl Armstrong, sold to Reilly. Central filler gas tank. Engine p99088 Silver. 2001 : in USA Completly restored and for sale in USA in 2002.
Sold to Schultz.1964 : Tour de France - Robert Buchet /Herbert Linge 3 OA. 1 cl.1965 : 12 Hours Sebring - Joe Buzzetta/Ben Pon 6 OA 2 cl. 1965 : Targa Florio - Andrea Vianini DNF accident. 2001 : Germany.
Built from spares by Vasek Polak sold to Stephen Watkins, sold to Mazzotta, sold to David Sablan,sold to Sailors. 2001 Hirsch USA
1968 : Kurek bought some destroyed parts and in 1984 built a new car using his chassis and body. 1988 : Sold to Canada to Boyd. 2002 : for sale in Japan with a 6 cylinders engine.
1968 Kurek bought destroyed parts and in 1980 built a new car using his own chassis and body. 1983 sold to Mr Resnick USA. Sold to Japan.
2002 : construction of a 904 replica with parts.
Built from parts with 2000 cc 6 cylinders. 1986 Paul Resnick who own a Porsche dismantling emporium in Yonkers sold to Steve Sailors, sold to Ken Maytag 1997 for sale in Germany for 140 000 euros (replica car ).